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2018's EURO-LIFT utilises the cutting edge technologies as the leverage

The upcoming lifts industry exhibition EURO-LIFT is complemented and enhanced with the LOKUM EXPO; the latter made its successful début at Targi Kielce in 2016. Both events provide an excellent opportunity to present market’s best-selling products and to organize unveiling of the new short distance transport equipment.

Last year's Targi Kielce's EURO-LIFT was the showcase for 108 exhibitors from 18 countries; lifts industry business insiders and real estate professionals.  According to the visitors' and exhibitors' opinions, these exhibitions have already became a permanent fixture in their business calendars; this is owed to the event's supreme quality and high standards.

Targi Kielce - one-stop-shop for the lifts industry

Targi Kielce is the presentation platform for all the lift industry's latest developments: the product assortment ranges from the product débuts and innovations through drives, cables, control systems and to cabin equipment. For example spatial  panoramic lifts  and energy-efficient solar lifts are the best embodiment of cutting-edge design and innovative technologies; last EURO-LIFT edition's real highlights .

Not only is the event is a comprehensive and all-inclusive presentation of lift industry; every year it also hosts Europe's most prestigious industry organizations and among them ELA (European Lift Association) and ANICA (National Association of Lift Component Manufacturers),

EURO-LIFT offers direct access to problem-focussed knowledge and expertise

euro-lift Following many-year example, the expo programme will also include substantive trainings which bring together Polish best  industry specialists. There are also conferences dedicated to property managers and housing co-operatives held within the scope of the 2nd Property Maintenance and Services Exhibition LOKUM EXPO.

LOKUM EXPO is first and foremost targeted at representatives of housings and tenants associations, property managers, housing co-operatives boards and municipal resources managers. Construction companies, installations fitters, electrical engineering firms, heat and electricity providers, property management software producers, banks, insurance companies s well as cleaning and maintenance companies will put their offer on show.


The Minister of Investment and Development Jerzy Kwieciński has granted his honorary patronage to the Euro-Lift Expo. The support provided by the Ministry is related to the government Accessibility PLUS programme implementation.

The Accessibility PLUS programme is one of the priorities of the Ministry. The project objective is to improve the quality of life of the elderly and the disabled. The programme has been designed to do away with infrastructural hurdles and barriers in the public space. The programme commences already in 2018 and will last continue until 2025 with nearly 23 PLN earmarked for the programme implementation.  Most of the funds will be utilised by the companies which are professionally involved with near transport business sector.

More details about the programme can be found at a special “Accessibility Island”. The representatives of the Ministry as well as professionals from PEFRON, the Polish Association of Lift Manufacturers, foundations which work for the benefit of the disabled and the lift business sector companies will be available to offer information.