02 Şubat 2021,2ND “ASCEN.TEC – ELEVATOR TECHNOLOGIES” 28-30 MAY 2021, Elevator Vizyon Magazine, All What You Are Looking For is On This Site


The 2nd International Exhibition Ascen.Tec will take place on 28-30 May 2021 at the MEC Exhibition Center in Paiania, Attica.

Back in 2019, Technoekdotiki/T-Press took a bold move by re-launching a trade fair to promote the elevator industry.

Following the extraordinary appeal of the very 1st Ascen.Tec, Technoekdoti/T-Press is moving to the 2nd edition in 2021. It aims at promoting thousands of professionals involved with the industry, manufacturers, importers, installers and professionals who deal with maintenance. All the above were seeking for a way to promote their business in Greece.

Exhibitors will have the opportunity to present their products and services, widen their professional circle, approach new markets, get acquainted with their competitors and make the most of the unique opportunities of the personal contact within a Trade Fair space, especially made for that purpose.

Side Events

‘Ascen.tec Forum’ is about to become the major event of the elevator industry. A three-days event is being prepared by the most important European and local professional and scientific agencies, in order to cover cutting-edge issues.

It aims at boosting every aspect of the elevator industry, that is from the institutional frame, research and security of the means of vertical transportation to the role of architecture to modern elevator and its importance to people with disabilities.

Safety is our number 1 priority

It goes without saying that Technoekdotiki/T-Pres is monitoring closely the latest developments and local authorities guidelines concerning the sanitary crisis and will once again meet the expectations of exhibitors and visitors. The 2nd Trade fair is being organized, with the sole purpose of protecting public health.


The 2nd Ascen.tec is being sponsored by: EFESME (European Federation for Elevator Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises), Ministry of Development and Investments, ΓΣΕΒΕΕ (Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen & Merchants ), ΕΣΑμεΑ (National Confederation of persons with disabilities), ΤΕΕ (Technical chamber of Greece), ΕΒΕΑ (Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry), ΕΒΕΠ (Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry), ΒΕΑ (Craftsmen Chamber of Athens), ΒΕΘ (Craftsmen Chamber of Thessaloniki), ΒΕΠ (Craftsmen Chamber of Piraeus), ΠΟΒΕΣΑ (Panhellenic Federation of Professionals, Installers and Maintenance of Elevators), ΠΟΒΑΣ (Panhellenic Federation of Professionals in iron and aluminum construction), ΠΟΜΙΔΑ (Hellenic Property Federation), ΕΟΚΑ (National Federation of Physically Disabled), ΕΛΙΝΥΑΕ (Greek Institute of Hygiene and Safety at work), HELLAS CERT (Hellenic Association of Accredited Certification and Inspection Bodies)

The Trade Fair hosts:  

Lift, elevators, ancillary equipment.  

Escalators and travelators. 

Drive systems & mechanisms. 

Winches, conveyor fittings and lift equipment

Speed regulators and related equipment

Prefabricated lift elements.

Software companies. 

Hydraulic systems

High pressure hoses, fittings.

Remote controls.

Roller shutters for external lifts.

Security and control systems.

Lift cabins for people, cargo and vehicles.

Electrical accessories, electrical equipment, cables, mirrors, stainless steel, Formica panels for cabins.

Semi-automatic doors, folding doors, fire-proof doors, door operation rubber parts and accessories.

Monitoring equipment, cabin keypads and digital indicators. 

Employee protection and safety equipment.

Fire protection systems, fire extinguishers, fire detection. 

Consumables, maintenance lubricants, batteries, flax. 

Tools and Materials.

Energy saving equipment, Inverters, LED Lighting. 

Certifications by home, professional and industrial level standards. 

Network technologies, Optical fibers, Intercom, WiFi.  Lubricants and battery recycling. 

Lifting cranes. 

Lifts for the disabled.

Lifting wire ropes and accessories.

Ascen.tec is reaching out to: Tradesmen, construction companies executives, industries, hotels, airports, shopping malls, installers and elevator maintenance, architects, designers, executives working with state entities and local governments, chambers of commerce, embassies, educational institutions etc.