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INTERLIFT 2019, as one of the most important fairs of the elevator industry in the world, held another big meeting for both the exhibitors and visitors.

The Interlift elevator fair, as one of the most important fairs in the world, which was held in Ausburg between 15-18 October 2019, held a large meeting for both the exhibitors and visitors in 2019. Interlift 2019, which has achieved great success considering the current global economic conditions, was held on an area of 46,500 square meters with 577 participants. Innovations in the elevator industry were unveiled in Augsburg, where 21,200 industry professionals from 108 countries attended as guests.

The statement made by the fair company also included the results of the survey concurrently with the fair. In the survey study, which attracted attention to the increasing number of exhibitors and visitors with the success that Interlift Fair has achieved since its establishment, it has been noted that the efficiency of the exhibitor companies has increased each and every year.

AFAG, which is the organizing company of the fair, has managed to maintain the number of exhibitors as “574” achieved by Interlift Fair in 2017, though it is not a substantial increase. The number of participating companies, which was 577 in 2019, was considered an important success considering global economic data.

Interlift, which maintains its presence in terms of the number of visitors, hosted 21,260 visitors in 2017, while this number was recorded as 21,200 in 2019. While the proportion of foreign visitors visiting the fair remained unchanged AS 57 percent (2017: 58 percent), the number of participating countries, which was 114 in 2017, declined to 108.