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MP Yener Övünç Asansör - Chairman of the Board Ahmet Uğur Yener: "The biggest share in my success has always been on my family. And my team we are working together with. They have been and will always be a part of my family...".

In 1989, ÖVÜNÇ ENGINEERING LTD. Sti. which started its activities under the name, started to offer elevator control panels that the elevator industry needs. These control panels succeeded to take its place as a well-based brand in the sector within a short period of time.

In 1997, the company started to manufacture elevator doors, cabin and suspension, and to market all kinds of elevator parts from A to Z to the Turkish elevator sector with a new structure as YENER ASANSÖR. ÖVÜNÇ MÜHENDİSLİK LTD. Sti. has continued to manufacture electronic elevator parts, but the marketing part continued to be carried out through is YENER ASANSÖR LTD. Sti.

In 1999, with the partnership request of Spanish MACPUARSA, ÖVÜNÇ MÜHENDİSLİK LTD. Sti. and YENER ASANSÖR LTD. ŞTİ. all activities were transferred to the new company that will operate under the name of MACPUARSA İSTANBUL ASANSÖR MAKİNELERİ SAN. TIC. LTD. Sti. It reached many customers in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

With the end of the partnership with Spanish company MACPUARSA in 2002, the company is today fully Turkish-owned with the trade name MP YENER ÖVÜNÇ ASANSÖR SAN. TIC. LTD. Sti. while combining all the activities it has achieved so far under a single roof. MP YENER ÖVÜNÇ ASANSÖR brand continues to serve its sector successfully on an expanding basis.

Ahmet Uğur Yener, who graduated from Electrical Engineering Department in 1979, crowned his 40th year in the profession with a plaque he received at the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Congress 2019 (EEMKON 2019) held by the EMO Istanbul Branch at the Harbiye Military Museum Culture Site in Istanbul on 14-16 November 2019.

Ahmet Uğur Yener, on his way with his interest in the industry and production, carries out successful projects as one of the sought-after names of the Turkish elevator industry both at home and abroad today, with its 6000-square-meter indoor, 4000-square-meter outdoor area and strong office staff, its integrated facility located in Pendik, MP Yener Övünç Elevator.

MP Yener Övünç Elevator, which produces 500 semi-automatic doors, 500 automatic doors, 150 cabinets, 150 suspension, 300 control panels per month with its high production capacity and experienced expert staff in elevator project design, design and production, manufactures with CNC machines in perfect dimensions with the latest model in the machine park.

Attaching great importance to export activities, the Chairman of the Board Ahmet Uğur Yener pays special attention to the fact that MP Yener Övünç Asansor has international certification documents. MP Yener Övünç Elevator, which has ISO 9001-2008, TRTS - Package Elevator Customs Union Certificate (Russia - Kazakhstan - Belarus), Ukraine Package Elevator Certificate, TSE - Elevator Cabin, TSE - Elevator Suspension, through timely product delivery, product warranty, technical support, high quality understanding and wide dealership network, it offers privileged service to its customers.

MP Yener Övünç Elevator, which achieved a growth momentum of around 80 percent in 2017, increased its export activities by 100 percent in this period. The company, which reaps the fruits of its quality production in export operations, exports products from Spain to Germany, from Slovakia to Hungary and even to many countries in Central Europe. Noting that they cooperate with domestic producers in products other than their own in export items, Yener proudly expresses his trust and support for Turkish goods.