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Adem Cici Amada TECH Elevator

We have secured our spot at the ELEVEX Konya Elevator and Technologies Fair to host our existing and potential customers coming from abroad. We have meticulously completed the preparations for our products that will be exhibited at the first-ever ELEVEX Konya Elevator and Technologies Fair. We believe that the fair will play an important role in the marketing and promotional activities of Amada TECH Elevator, and we expect a high turnout of both domestic and international visitors.

We have new projects specially prepared for ELEVEX, and we are conducting visual and promotional activities for these. We hope that with the organization of the first elevator fair in Konya, new markets may emerge. We also expect that ELEVEX will strengthen our company's position in the industry.

We believe that we will find a significant opportunity to engage in face-to-face communication with our customers to discuss our products in more detail, and to meet new customers visiting the fair.

With activities such as the promotion of our products, conducting marketing activities, and presenting the operating systems of our new projects to our visitors, we aim to make the fair process much more efficient together with our potential customers and business partners.

We believe that the ELEVEX Konya Elevator and Technologies Fair, which we believe will make significant contributions to our industry regarding new markets, can positively influence the competition and that new business collaborations may emerge at the fair.