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Ahmad Kahil Expolift Elevator

Our preparation process for the ELEVEX Konya Elevator and Technologies Fair has been very intense. We aim to reach new customers and introduce our products at the fair, and the products we have prepared, our advertising efforts, and the meetings we have planned will create a good perception for Expolift.

We are excited that ELEVEX is being held in Konya, where Turkey's elevator manufacturers and exporters are most densely located.

ELEVEX will provide an opportunity for our visitors to follow the latest trends and developments in the industry, while giving us, the participating companies, a chance to present ourselves, our products, and our services. We have communicated with our international customers and invited them to our fair. We received very positive responses.

Having an elevator fair in Konya is an important opportunity for the development of our industry and for our marketing activities. To ensure that this opportunity continues to benefit our long-term business strategies, continuity is essential. This will be achieved through the dedicated work of all parties in the industry, including manufacturers, international traders, organizers, and professional associations.