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Mehmet Uğural, one of the founders of Ah&Met Asansör, among the reliable names of the elevator industry within the scope of package elevator, component production and sales, said: The products is manufactured and certified according to European Standards (CE), Russian Standards (EAC) and Ukrainian Standards: As one of the founders of Ah&Met Asansör, Mehmet Uğural expressed that their products are manufactured and certified according to European Standards (CE), Russian Standards (EAC) and Ukrainian Standards. Mehmet Uğural provided the following information to the delegation of the Provincial Directorate of Industry and Technology: “As Ah&Met Asansör, we have been operating for 23 years. Our factory has a total area of 30,000 square meters, of which 17,000 square meters are indoor area. In our factory, we manufacture cabs, control systems, semi and fully automatic doors, suspensions and chassis. We also provide services with our expert team in package elevator systems. We export 35 percent of our production capacity to 67 countries. In Turkey from east to west, north to south, we have a broad customer portfolio.

Our productions mainly consist of doors, cabins, weight chassis, machine chassis, panels, revision sets. Our services cover all types of elevator types with double speed, vvvf, gearless and hydraulic systems, from the smallest to the largest scale. We offer solutions to our customers with the trademarks that we have entered into agreement within the scope of production. Our production capacity is increasing day by day. With the machines and systems we add to our machine park, we are constantly increasing both our speed and quantity. In sales and marketing, we closely follow the technological progress of elevator systems, inform our customers about the developments and offer them the most appropriate solutions. In our shipping department, we ensure that our customers' orders are delivered in full and within the shortest period of time.

With regards to the products we produce, we try to produce the best by starting from the logic of high quality materials and high quality products. In the visuality of our products, we are always paying attention to customer demands, and we can produce according to their aesthetic and quality requests. We spare no sacrifice that falls on us in achieving the good and the delicate. Our technical team is constantly working on this process. We believe that these privileges we display will help our customers in their competition in the market and will reflect on us indirectly.”

Ahmet Madenci: 
Our customers deserve the best.
We visited Ahmet Madenci, who is one of the founders of Ah&Met Asansör, and had a lovely conversation about the sector.
Stating that they have a 30-year history in the elevator industry, Ahmet Madenci noted that they have managed to provide confidence in the sector with the support of their long years of experience and the mindset of honest work and their constantly increasing customer portfolio. Underlining that they have adopted to work in a transparent mindset with each customer under the roof of customer satisfaction and reliability principle, Madenci also said:

“If it has become a fact that Ah&Met Asansör has gained a solid place in the sector today, there is a 30-year of experience in question within the sector and a stance that has not changed throughout this period. We are a team that has experienced every step of the elevator from assembly to marketing, from production to export, and accordingly, we are a team that is organized to meet the needs of our customers and is capable of meeting the requests by the same.

Since the first day we started our activities, we have set up our basic principles as honesty, reliability, sincerity, timely delivery with poriented at the products and services of the desired quality. We possess a mindset that tries to move forward with the actions we do, rather than claiming something we are not capable, while also believing that should the principles I have just mentioned be followed, we will earn the place we deserve through our esteemed customers. Time has shown that we are right.

We strive to be a reliable company and provide good services. Our goal on the way out is not only to provide the best service within the current moment and the possibilities, but also to bring out the best possible products and to improve all together by supporting our customers in the provinces and regions they are addressing in terms of product quality, service speed and price advantage. We believe that we have achieved this until now. Our journey, which we started with the sale of package elevators, continued with the production of products that we felt the lacking in the indsustry and that we can produce in our company. We added cabin, cabin suspension and automatic door to our product range, to which we continued with the control panel first and then the elevator hitting door. The point we have reached in these products is quite satisfactory. We are working with all our power to produce better, higher quality with the awareness of the responsibility imposed on us by our mission of being a "pioneering company" in our region.

- Our customers deserve the best
As I mentioned before, as individuals of a society and the players of the industry, our people value and protect the good and those who do good. As Ah&Met Asansör, we also believe that our customers always deserve the best and the highest quality in design, production, assembly and usage stages of elevators, as in all matters.

Within the framework of this belief, Ah&Met Asansör works with all its employees in harmony and belief to bring the best to its customers. I believe that the secret of our success is that our entire team consists of friends who do their jobs with the same mindset and principles.