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AH&MET Asansör, which is among the reliable names of the sector in the sales of package elevators and equipment, took its place as the 5th exporting corporation in 2020 in the "Elevators and Components" category announced by the Elevator, Machinery and Components Exporters' Association. The Ah&Met Asansör has been operating in the sector for 23 years, with a wide range of services in Turkey, from east to west, from north to south, while serving around 70 countries in the foreign market. Exporting 35 percent of its production to nearly 70 countries, it carries out its production in Konya with a total area of 30,000 square meters, in the state-of-the-art machinery, with a team of 180 people, together with trained expert engineers and technical staff. AH&MET Asansör, which produces cabins, control systems, semi and fully automatic doors, suspension and chassis, has also created its own brand in automatic door systems with “AHZ Door”.

The AH&met Asansör, who visits companies in continuous target markets and attends the world-wide specialized fairs to increase export figures annually, keeps its technological equipment up to date with its ongoing investments and meets the needs of its customers.

The Ah&met Asansör, which manufactures according to European Standards (CE), Russian Standards (EAC) and Ukrainian standards and has relevant documents, works with the high quality and timely delivery principle and sells many domestic and foreign brands as well as their production.

Ahmet Madenci, General Manager of Ah&Met Asansör, with the current operations we have been informed on, stated that they have a young and dynamic staff who constantly follow the developments in Turkey and the world, and said, “Our productions mainly consist of doors, cabins, weight chassis, machine chassis, panel and revision set. Our service covers all types of elevators with double speed, vvvvf, gear-free and hydraulic systems, from the smallest capacity to the largest capacity. We offer solutions to our customers with brands in production and in our building. Our production capacity is increasing day by day. With machines and systems added to your machine park, we are constantly increasing both speed and quantity. In sales and marketing, we are closely following the technological course of elevator systems to inform our customer of the developments and deliver the most appropriate solutions to them. Our speed in supply of materials, our assistance in the technological solution point, provides our customers with great benefits and helps them focus only on their markets. In our shipping department, we provide our customers with complete and complete orders as soon as possible.

We strive to produce the best in our products, based on quality material, quality product logic. In the image of our products, we can always produce according to their esthetic and quality understanding, paying attention to customer demands. We are not avoiding any sacrifice that is ours to achieve good and good. Our tech team is working on it all the time. We believe that these privileges we show shall help our customers in their competition in the market and shall indirectly reflect on us.”

Ahmet Madenci, the General Manager of Ah&Met Asansör, who has achieved the rank of 5th most exporting corporation in 2020 in the "Elevators and Components" category announced by Machinery and Components Exporters' Association, noted that their exports continue to increase in a wide range in 4 continents, and that they currently serve nearly 70 countries, and said: 

"Within our general turnover, our exports correspond to 40%. This rate regularly increases every year with the right material, timely delivery and quality service.

The outbreak of the pandemic in the world and in our country has increased the importance of exports one more time over the last 1–1,5 years. Being aware of this, we, the manufacturers, are trying to increase our market share abroad with the understanding of 'the right product, the right service'. 

On the one hand, increasing costs in Turkey's own special conditions render our competitiveness within the world quite challenging. From time to time, access to raw material becomes difficult, which leads to price uncertainty. We've been fighting this for the last 8 months. Our hope is that these uncertainties shall soon be over, and we shall be able to regain stable markets.

In the category of machine and 'Elevators and Components' during such a challenging period, ranked as the 5th corporation with the highest export figures has been a great motivation for us all. It's an indicator of a better future ahead of us, both for our country, our sector and our corporation.

With this success, we are aware that our responsibility has increased. In the coming years, we have faith and determination that our successes shall continue to grow.

There are no “ifs”, “buts”, “excuses” in the world of exports. A service that has been performed, the compensation for a manufacturing error is both costly and leads to the loss of customers. Our colleagues who have just started their export activities should be more diligent and attentive. Because export means our country’s prosperity and development of Turkish economy . Any mistake to be made shall harm Turkish goods and Turkish people.

We should never forget that we represent not only our corporation but the entire Turkey in exports.
We are moving forward with this belief and confidence. I hope that such successes we have achieved shall continue and set a great example for everyone."