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AH&MET Asansör is exporting to 67 countries

AH&MET Asansör, also being among the most trustworthy names in the sector of package elevator and equipment sales while providing services to 67 countries in the foreign market, has a wide service area throughout Turkey.

For the sake of increasing the export numbers every year by constantly carrying out company visits in the target markets and participating the expertise expos throughout the world, AH&MET Asansör, while keeping its technological equipment up-to-date with investments; answers to the needs of its customers along with manufacturing “AHZ Door” brand automatic doors, half-automatic doors, cabins, boards, systems without machine room and suspensions of various capacity and types.

AH&MET Asansör Sales Director Kemal Uyumaz says: “We are manufacturing and documenting our products in accordance with the European Standards (CE), Russian Standards (EAC) and Ukrainian Standards”. He also explains that AH&MET Asansör is working with high quality and timely delivery principles and besides the manufacturing they are also making the sales of many other domestic and foreign brands.

Uyumaz, stating that they have a young and dynamic personnel who are constantly following the developments both in Turkey and in the world also adds: “Our manufacturing is heavily consisting on doors, cabins weight chassis, machine chassis, board and revision sets. Our services contain all lift types from biggest to smallest capacity with double speed, vvvf, gearless and hydraulic systems. We are offering our customers solutions in production and along with the brands within our organization. Our production capacity is increasing day by day. We are continuously increasing both our speed and our traditions with the machines and systems which we are adding to our machine park. We are informing our customers about the developments and providing them with best solutions while following closely the technological course of elevator systems regarding to the sales and marketing. Our speed on material procurement and our cooperation on technological solution point facilitates great advantages to our customers and making them to only focus on their own markets. In our delivery department, we are ensuring that the orders of our clients are received by them in short time and complete.

In our products we try to produce the best ones with the logic of quality materials equals quality products. We are constantly paying attention to the customer’s demands in regards to the visuals of our products and we are producing in accordance to their sense of aesthetic and quality. We are sparing no sacrifices on the road of reaching good and beauty. Our technical team is constantly working on this subject. We believe that with these privileges we are facilitating will help our clients on their competition and also benefit us indirectly.”

We are planning to increase our market share in Russia

As AH&MET Asansör, they are continuously participating in Russia Expo, said Kemal Uyumaz and added that the expo is becoming more and more efficient every year. Uyumaz explained that the clients in Russia are giving great importance to the regularity and stated: “The connection with clients which are regularly seeing AH&MET Asansör in the Russia Expo is increasing year by year. We provide package elevator services to Russia. AH&MET Asansör, while adding new products, it grows with the improvements of production line and technology. We want to tell and share this with customers abroad just as well as with domestic clients. We wish for them to benefit from our works and services. Including the companies who are working or to be working with us are seeing our rising momentum and our cooperations are continuing to increase.

As a company, our goal is to increase our efficiency and market share in Russia. We are exporting package elevators to Russia. There are companies we are working with there. We are aiming to increase our company count and units which we are exporting. Russia is a really large market but it needs a lot of caution. Sending the product complete and regular won’t be enough there. It is a market which has specific features. There are a lot of details and technicality.” he spoke.