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“The basic principles of Erşen Elektrik are to analyze the market needs correctly and to offer quality and appropriate solutions with good service and technical support” said Mr.Şaban Gündüz as the owner of the company. He also stated that “We have succeeded in becoming a company whose name is generally acclaimed in the electricity sector in line with the creative and high quality solutions, effective information sharing, solution-oriented approach and stable growth put forward by our expert and competent staff”.

Erşen Elektrik, which has conducted the distributorship of many large-scale manufacturers in the field of electric protection, switchgear and control systems at the international level for more than 30 years. In time, Erşen has grown its organization more on specializing for dedicated solutions at the elevator sector. Company owner Şaban Gündüz, who said that they provide many solutions in line with the aim of making elevator systems safer, longer lasting, more reliable, and that they produce in-house and offer special products for this sector. He also express that “As a well-established organization, while designing every new product that we offer by means of our experience, we act by taking into account many factors such as innovation, functionality, ease of use and quick supply beyond the existing solutions in the market. In this context, the surplus value we try to offer to our customers has different aspects.

“As a result of our more than 20 years of experience in the elevator industry and our studies covering various solutions, we started the production of our Air Sterilization Unit which is completely domestic production. As you know, today, when public health has become the top priority, hygiene and air quality in elevator cabins with a congested area is of great importance, and the cabin must be purified from microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi and aerosols that may hang in the air and trigger allergies. AirClean EAC-019, with its high suction power, allows the air in the cabin to be circulated quickly and efficiently. The multi-layer filter system within the unit, gradually filters the organisms such as bacteria to viruses starting from the largest particles down to the smallest ones. Thanks to the UV-C lamp, which emits radiation at a frequency of 254Nm, integrated into the filter system, all organisms that pass or attach to the filter chamber are destroyed at the molecular level. The air flow in the device is operated according to the effective processing of UV-C radiation. In this way, a healthy purification will be accomplished providing hygiene.” Mr.Gündüz stated summarizing the operating principle of the new device.

“In addition, thanks to the 'Active Carbon Filter' in the device, it is ensured, which unwanted odors that may arise from the passengers or elevator shaft, can be eliminated for comfortable ride.” he explained as a further advantage. Stating that the person or people traveling without knowing that they are carriers of the disease are in a closed environment, there is a risk of exposure to viruses that can hang in the air for up to 8 hours, Gündüz said that the news about virus transmission in the elevator cabin in both China and Spain proved this thesis.

• Our product is a kind of small sterilization cabinet

The main function of our product is to ensure that people can travel in the cabin with clean air at all times and most importantly, with a system that contributes to human health. " Şaban Gündüz said about the AIR CLEAN EAC-019, which was initially designed based on the sterilization logic used in operating rooms, then has been transformed into a kind of small sterilization device.

Şaban Gündüz pointed out that there is a lot of info-pollution in the market and said, “Ozone based units is even offered for disinfection which is totally unhealthy concept. Because ozone is a gas that causes serious damage on respiratory system in case of direct inhalation. According to the existing options, the best solution that proves its reliability is the combination of correct filtering and UV-C radiation. Herewithin, the important point is to prevent direct exposure of the environment to UV-C radiation, which requires a closed system. This feature is obligatory as a part of American and European health norms and our product complies with that feature. " he said. 

• Our goal in this project is to contribute to public health by providing adequate service in addition to good quality product

While stating that, they produce high quality solutions in their production facilities managed by an automation-based machine park and a quality control system designed to eliminate errors, Şaban Gündüz said, “By means of the good organizational structure, lead time and quality are kept at an optimum level. Thanks to the long-term field tests performed in real applications during the design process, it became possible to develop the product fulfilling the application demands and the quality expectation and providing long-term durability.”

Our goal in this project is to contribute to the public health by providing adequate service in addition to good quality product. In the meantime, we take it as an priority to reach the foreign markets as well as covering the domestic market. Therefore, we have designed the product considering the international demand.

Moreover, our R&D studies continue at high speed to adapt our air sterilization system more compact and portable to make it applicable at wide variety of indoor spaces. I can express that we have come a long way through this direction. " said.