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Starting its commercial activities in 2013,  Artı Kasnak was founded to meet Captormal (Mc Nylon6) plastic pulley and cast pulley demands of the elevator industry. With a single area of activity to produce pulleys for elevators, Artı Pulley, starting its activities in 2013 with the rollout of imported semi-finished captormal pulley with machining and appropriate shaft bearing addition, maintains the same as of today at the only the casting line pulley captormal, producing their products in 100% domestic.

'Mc Nylon6', as a special engineering plastic, is a manomer plastic produced by spin casting method. It is produced with the aim of eliminating the sound and balance problems experienced in cast pulleys as a result of the increase in elevator speeds and floor heights. Compared to cast pulleys, these pulleys are 4 times stronger and 7 times quieter, with 7 times more wear resistance, and are preferred by the elevator industry thanks to their absence of corrosion problems and the long service life of the bearings used. Pulleys produced from GG25 (GJS 250) cast are offered to the use of the elevator industry after being machined with CNCs.

Expressing that they meet the demands of their customers on time and at the desired quality, Artı Kasnak’s General Manager Koray Ergin said that they are trying to serve more comfortable elevator production with Mc Nylon6 plastic pulleys.

Koray Ergin said “We provide pulley supply to our sector with our 25 colleagues in total, in our gray-ductile iron casting facility, Mc Nylon6 spinning casting facility and machining machine park. We export 25% of our production to our overseas customers. As with every manufacturing company, we are taking firm steps towards our goals of increasing our export rate and exporting to new countries.”

Stating that they are planning to increase the capacity of Mc Nylon 6 plastic pulley casting facilities by the end of 2020, Koray Ergin also said the following regarding the domestic production statement of the Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Murat Kurum: “Domestic production is also our priority as Artı Kasnak. By producing Mc Nylon6 pulleys which have been imported for many years, we provide support for domestic production, while also using the 90% pulley bearings from the product range of Turkish-origin products. With the awareness that the way to revive the economy of our country is through domestic production, we dedicate all our strength to our domestic production investments.”