07 Mayıs 2022,ARTI KASNAK: OUR TARGET IS MARKETS WITH HIGH ADDED VALUE, Elevator Vizyon Magazine, All What You Are Looking For is On This Site


Koray Ergin the General Manager of Arti Kasnak said that they continue to search for new markets and customers in line with their new market targets, despite the fact that international fairs were not held due to the pandemic and travel restrictions adversely affected their marketing activities, he added When we examine our 2021 company data, we can say that there is not much change in our operations compared to 2020, and it remains stable. The reflections of the general commercial recession are also felt in our industry, but we are moving towards our export increase targets with the right product and the right customer policy." 

We aim to increase our brand awareness in markets with higher added value. We see that our age is rapidly advancing towards digital marketing, and we aim to meet customer demands with the necessary software and web supports."

Koray Ergin the General Manager of Arti Kasnak said; "By understanding the demands of our customers correctly, we ensure that they reach accessible quality with our optimum price policy."  

Koray Ergin, who we asked about the issues that are important for the elevator industry and affecting the industry in 2021, stated that there are efforts to monopolize the industry, and this affects the industry negatively. Ergin said: "Some companies, unfortunately, have monopolized and put commercial pressure on the companies with the monopoly they have created. In our industry, products of every quality and price must be accessible. Actions must be taken to restore such a structure. 

The main problem affecting our industry in terms of exports is irregularity. Unfortunately, since the products that cause problems in terms of quality can be exported, it has a negative effect on our promotion activities of our products and brands. We need regulations that will ensure that ‘Made in Turkey’ products are exported under certain criteria and in a manner that ensures minimum quality. 

The rise in freight prices in the Far East in the last conjuncture provided significant advantages to our country. This advantage is both the increase in foreign demand and the decrease in competition for Far East origin products in the domestic market.  We must make this advantageous situation permanent by acquiring loyal customers with quality products and service."