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According to the closing figures of the 16th International Elevator Istanbul, which was opened by SEDEFED, European Elevator Industrialists Association ELA and AYSAD Association of Elevator and Escalator Industrialists Association, the number of visitors visiting the expo increased by 15 percent compared to the previous meeting with a participant number of 5780. The organization, 1/4 visitors of which is almost from abroad, opened the doors to new trade markets for the participating firms, while hosting millions of dollars of sales agreements, as well. 16th International Asansör İstanbul Expo has brought movement and vitality to its sector in a period of both contraction in domestic markets and trade wars in the global market.

German and Chinese pavilions took place in the 16th International Asansör İstanbul expo, which brought the Turkish Elevator Industry, which closed 2017 with 160 million dollars and 2018 with 185 million dollars of exportation amount while setting the year-end export target as 200 million dollars, together with world brands.  In addition to Turkey; Italy, Netherlands, Finland, Spain, Switzerland, Lebanon, Egypt and international brands from 22 different countries such as Russia and the largest manufacturer of domestic situated 289 companies participated in the expo, as well.

Sectoral agenda was discussed in the expo, along with the new technologies presented.

International Asansör İstanbul Expo 2019 was not only an exhibition space but also an important information sharing platform where sector agendas were discussed. In conferences held by AYSAD with ELA (European Association of Elevator Industrialists), the current issues related to safety standards in lifts were discussed. The formula of being a Global Turkish Brand was discussed in the national panel hosted by the expo and directed by AYSAD President Sefa Targıt. The panel, in which Ministry of Industry and Technology General Director of Industry and Productivity, Mr. Halil İbrahim Çetin, together with AYSAD Previous President and Honorary Member Tunç Timurkan, Board Members Fevzi Yıldırım, Sedat Yıldız and Can Mutlu, were present, attracted great attention.