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Ascen.Tec 2022

The Ascen.tec Elevator Technology Exhibition, held in Athens, the capital of Greece, between 3-5 June 2022, pleased its exhibitors. The exhibition organizer announced that the fair was successfully completed with extremely satisfied visitors and exhibitors who have renewed their participation for the year 2024.

Ascen.tec, the 2nd International Elevator and Technology Fair held in Athens, allowed elevator manufacturers, importers, and representatives, to present their innovative technologies, products, and solutions. With the symposium held simultaneously with the fair, market players, institutes, scientists and technicians had the chance to share their views, discuss the solution proposals brought to these problems by discussing the problems of the sector, and offer solutions for the development of the elevator sector.

The opening presentation of the event was undertaken by Zeta Founta Mourta, Head of Public Relations of the organization company Technoekdotiki / T-Press, and coordinated by Michalis Stathakopoulos, Editor-in-Chief of Ecotec magazine.

The 3rd edition of the International Elevator and Technology Fair Ascen.tec will be held in 2024. In a written statement at the end of the exhibition, Voula Mourta said: "I would like to thank the entire team of Technoekdotiki / T-Press, the exhibitors and visitors of the exhibition and the Forum, as well as everyone who supported and contributed to the Ascen.tec organization. We will make the 3rd Ascen.tec in 2024."

Artı Kasnak, GENEMEK, and Hedefsan from Turkey also participated in the Ascen.tec Elevator Technology Fair held in Athens, the capital of Greece, between 3-5 June 2022.