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One of the Turkey’s first manufacturers of lift doors, Aterya Technical Engineering has started its production in a small workshop in 1998 and since 2011, it continues its production on a 4 thousand square meters zone. The company plans to increase its export made which also includes different countries on different continents in 2019. To increase the rate of export in revenue, Aterya Technical Engineering General Manager Kemal Karataş, underlining the company’s focus on abroad promotion, informs us that they are still exporting to the countries like Brazil, Jordan, Algeria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Greece, Czechia, Ukraine, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Kirghizia, and Georgia.

“With new designs, we will continue domestic production”

Karataş, while underlining Aterya, being one of the first door manufacturing company of Turkey, reported that the company was founded as a small workshop in 1998 when Turkey was facing an economic crisis.

Due to the crisis, it took much more to expand the company, said Kemal Karataş. Since the day they are founded, they have participated many national and international fairs, he added.

Karataş stated that; in their current manufacturing facility, while utilizing cutting-edge technological machines and unique designs, they are producing on-demand, quality products with affordable prices. Despite the economic problems caused by the crisis in 2018, they are still adding machines to their machine park, Karataş added. “We are working for providing best quality products, and best after-sale services to fulfill the promise we made on the first day” he said. With new designs and investments, they will continue the domestic production and at that point, every import stopped by them would be a joy for them, Karataş said.