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AUTÜR Asansör, the foundations of which date back to 1971, is experienced in the fields of assembly, breakdown maintenance and revision thanks to its history. The company has been serving its customers in the production of elevator wellhole, panels, and components since 2017 based on the experiences gained so far. 

Memduh Ergen, the General Manager of AUTÜR Asansör, stated "Our company is one of the first brands that come to mind when quality is concerned, and we owe this success to our experiences. We tread upon the heels of the technology and thus we aim to ensure that our customers and users utilizing our elevators are always satisfied.

Memduh Ergen said that they aim to provide added value to Turkey by presenting their products produced by means of domestic and national capital with the same ethical perception and quality abroad and continued his speech with respect to the products they introduce to the market as follows; " We welcome our customers with a constantly updated and developing product range by following the latest developments closely. The passenger and freight elevator wellhole we produce are meticulously produced with the most up-to-date techniques and by giving the prestige and quality values priority. 

Control panels are a very important point in the elevator industry in terms of detecting possible malfunctions. For the very reason, it is meticulously prepared and controlled by our professional team in line with the requirements of our customers, in compliance with the regulations and compliance principles.

Memduh Ergen stated that the market is moving negatively infinite and positively infinite with respect to their competitive advantages enabling their products to be the most preferred, and that the most important thing is to determine exactly where you position the brand, which is the face of the company in commercial relations, to stand on this endless line. ‘‘In order to determine this position, it is necessary to designate the price-quality balance correctly. 

AUTÜR Asansör is a brand that is far above the average with its products in which the principles of compliance with prestige and quality standards can be easily observed, and it satisfies our customers in terms of price accessible to everyone through the price strategies we follow" and Ergen noted that they have an important position in the elevator sector with their state-of-the-art machinery and expert team in their plant established on an area of 1500 square meters.

Memduh Ergen, the General Manager of AUTUR, continued his speech as follows: "Our sales personnel in the field strive to strengthen the bond between us and our customers through constant visits. We are constantly and consciously improving ourselves by blending the new knowledge we have gained by advancing in the light of science and technology with our 50 years of work experience. 

Export activities also play an important role in our development process. Last year, we contributed to our country's economy by exporting to a wide market from Europe to West Africa, especially to Eurasia and Arab countries.

- We focused on investments in 2020 and the first half of 2021, spent under the shadow of the pandemic.
Like 2020, the last period of 2021 was spent in the shadow of the pandemic and dealt a major blow to the world economic order. Almost entire sectors were affected by this situation. While many companies just look for ways to preserve what they have, as AUTÜR Asansör, we had the opportunity to invest in integrated computer systems and new machines that will help increase our production quality with the proper use of resource management. These new investments were small steps that would make our production faster and safer and take us one step further. In the future, we will continue to improve ourselves at every step.

Regardless of the industry, honesty is the main secret of success. In addition to this, determining the quality and price policies correctly, doing the work properly and standing behind the work provides you an advantage in the dialogues with the customer in case of a possible problem. We promote AUTÜR and its quality in domestic and international fairs. Our sales staff are in constant dialogue with our customers in the field and in the office. We constantly welcome our local and foreign guests and develop new relations in our plant located in the İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone at the center of Istanbul. Through the promotions and the strong customer relations we have built, the awareness with respect to AUTÜR brand increase day by day.’’