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There's a lot of innovations going on around the world, such as new generation cars, new generation smart phones, new generation Internet connection, etc. Therefore, with all these innovations around the world, we, as the next generation, could not remain unresponsive to these changes, and yet we have not. We have not simply ignored the rate of change and stepped in the world of new generation control system by practicing upon the entire experiences of the old generation and developed “Avirex Compact FX Elevator Control System”  I have listed the features of our system below within the general framework.

* Operates quietly with no contactor system design. 
* Compatible with EN81-20.
* Compatible with EN81-1 A3 in case of used for modernization.
* Ability to be driven at 2.00 m/s.
* MITRON CLOUD SYSTEM uses your phone's own mobile Internet connection, and your phone serves and operates as a control panel through the web interface. It provides you instant connectivity over the Internet. Most technical service operations can be performed via the remote connection.
* Internet connection is not optional but standard on each control unit.
* The system can operate in parallel or in series with cab or floor operating panels. Series comes as standard, with a parallel communication card stationary. (Parallel communications card is included within the system price.) 
* 16 stops, single or dual buttons are operated in both directions. In case of use of the switches with serial communication (GENEMEK, BUTKON), 32 stops shall also be available.  
* “Dual Cab Door Support” is available for double entry elevators.
* Availability for operation of 8 elevator groups controls. 
* Interoperability with synchronous or asynchronous motors. (Required to be specified in the order.) 
* Recovery is possible with a 1 Phase UPS or 12V battery. The desired number of batteries can be connected for long-term and repetitive power outages. 
* Operates with the optimal trip curve with a direct stop. 
* No external encoder card is available. Compatible with the entire types of encoders (ENDAT, SINCOS, INCREMENTAL, BISS, REZA). The encoder cables are connected to the terminal alias on the inverter. 
* Functionality is maximized by the allocatable terminal alias.
* It enables you to allocate tasks to your elevator from the task parameters in specified modes (sleep mode, parking stop mode, active floor mode, passive floor mode) and within specified periods (date, day, hour, minute, etc.) 
* Floor adjustment can be performed from the cab operating panels. 
* Our built-in PA announce system can operate with your own audio files. 
* Automatic adjustment of anti-roll back when lift-off is available.
* Offers an easy installation due to its lightweight and small size. 
* Features open and closed-circuit operation.
Proudly presented to the entire elevator industry for their successful operations...


Electronics Department Manager