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“The Best Elevator and Escalator Contest”, organized by Liftinstituut Solution, supervising the elevators and escalators from all around the world” made a tremendous impression again, this year. In this contest, which is organized every years and which is one of the most prestigious award ceremony, the best elevator and escalator companies of 2018 were selected.

The winners of “The Best Elevator and Escalator Contest of 2018”, organized by Liftinstituut Solution, which is an independent audit body from Holland for elevators and escalators in Turkey, in order to maximize the safety level of elevators and escalators, have been announced. In the contest, which makes a tremendous impression in Turkey with an increasing participants every year, one of the categories was “National Elevator and Escalator” in this year.

After “The Best Elevator and Escalator Contest of 2018”, organized for the second time in Turkey by Liftinstiuut Solutions, national and foreign companies that provice services in every part of our lives like residences, shopping malls, hotels, were awarded in five different categories. In the award ceremony, organized in Istanbul, MARCO Waagmeester, as the CEO of Liftinstituut and Süleyman Özcan as the Eurasian Regional Manager of Liftinstituut Solutions were among the participants.

Aiming at maximizing the safety level of elevators and escalators in Turkey, Liftinstituut Solutions awarded the shining stars of national elevators industry within the scope of the contest in the category of “National Elevators and Escalators”. Prolift Asansör, contributing the development of national economy and working tirelessly to make the elevators in Turkey safer, was awarded in the category of “National Elevator”.