01 Şubat 2021,AYBEY ELEKTRONIK REGISTERED AS R&D CENTER, Elevator Vizyon Magazine, All What You Are Looking For is On This Site


Brining in a number of innovations in the lift industry, Aybey Elektronik was registered as a R&D center by the Ministry of Industry and Technology as of April.

Aybey Elektronik, bringing in innovative solutions to the needs of lift industry with its 120 employees across Turkey, aims at increasing the number of employees, while keeping to investigate in R&D center without slowing down.

In a statement given by the Company Directors, the following was expressed; “As Aybey Elektronik, we produce hi-tech products ensuring added value for our national economy within the lift electronics and making us more powerful in the international market via R&D studies. Our company, with various product groups for target markets, maintains its studies on increasing the export level of products developed in the R&D center. Aybey Elektronikhas created its vision on contributing into our national economy with production and marketing operations carried out in order for carrying technology in Turkey to a higher level, while giving acceleration to its development.”