01 Şubat 2021,AYBEY ELEKTRONİK WAS IN EXPO ELEVADOR BRAZIL, Elevator Vizyon Magazine, All What You Are Looking For is On This Site


Aybey Elektronik company at Expo Elevador Brazil presented its electric motor and control panel conforming to standard EN 81-20 / 50.

Hamza Efe, an export engineer for Aybey Elektronik, describes the goal of the company's participation in the exhibition: “Our goal of participating in the exhibition was to learn more about the market for elevator equipment in South America and to determine our ability to meet its needs.”

Hamza Efe told about participation in the exhibition: “The main purpose of participating in Expo Elevador was to increase the awareness of our brand in South America and other regions, as well as to strengthen our positions in other markets. We presented our electric motor and control panel conforming to EN81- 20/50, which aroused great interest at the exhibition.

We noticed that in this region the products of Turkish companies are not very well known. Visitors did not have a negative attitude to our products, but rather, they showed great interest in it, as well as checking carefully.

The similarity of the economic position of South America with the position of the economy in Turkey provides a commercial advantage for us. The biggest drawback for the sale of products, maintenance and supply of spare parts is the long distance between our countries, which increases the delivery time of products and services.

Turkish manufacturers need to raise awareness of Turkish brands abroad and create an image of a manufacturer of high-quality products and services among consumers.