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Balaban: High Expectations for ELEVEX Konya Elevator Fair

BLB-Balaban Pulley General Manager İsmail Balaban stated, "We attach great importance to the ELEVEX Konya Elevator and Technologies Fair as BLB-Balaban. It is a very important fair for us, both because we are the hosts and because it is being organized for the first time. ELEVEX Konya Elevator and Technologies Fair will play a key role in our marketing and promotional activities, and our expectations are high."

"For the first-ever ELEVEX Konya Elevator and Technologies Fair, our preparation process at BLB-Balaban is focused on showcasing the diversity of our casting and plastic pulley production. We are particularly excited about meeting our customers with our products, which are new or have been made much more efficient with minor touches. In addition, we have designed our fair area to best reflect our excellent brand image, and we are counting down the days to meet with our valuable partners," said İsmail Balaban, BLB-Balaban General Manager, outlining ELEVEX Konya's participation goals to reinforce BLB-Balaban's market leadership in pulley and motor drum production, to break into new markets, and to increase brand awareness.

Balaban, detailing their comprehensive marketing strategy that includes both digital and on-site initiatives to advance their relationships with existing customers and to win over potential customers, said, "Entering new markets abroad and establishing a lasting presence there is our biggest goal."

İsmail Balaban emphasized, "We attach great importance to this fair as BLB-Balaban. It is a very important fair for us, both because we are the hosts and because it is being organized for the first time. The fair will play a key role in our marketing and promotional activities, and our expectations are high. We plan to display our wide range of products, including both casting and plastic pulleys, with dynamic presentations and live shows that highlight our technical expertise and innovation. We will be waiting for our valuable business partners with unusual moving platforms.

For ELEVEX, BLB-Balaban has prepared new products and technologies, especially pulleys and motor drums designed for efficiency and durability. Particularly, we have done some great work in the field of plastic pulleys over the year, and we want to present this to market players. We are proud and excited to share these innovations with industry actors.

At ELEVEX, it will be a great pleasure for us to present our extensive variety of pulleys (plastic, casting, or project-specific). Our starting point is quality and continuity in quality. This commitment to quality and the breadth of the industrial and commercial applications we serve are evident. These are two principles on which we will not compromise," he said.

Balaban expressed their goal at ELEVEX to further strengthen BLB-Balaban's position in the market by highlighting their expertise in pulleys and motor drums, stating, "We are ready to share our experiences regarding our commitment to quality and forward-looking approach to product development with our business partners. ELEVEX offers the opportunity to observe all the innovations and developments in the elevator market, and the fact that this opportunity is in our city is an additional source of joy. We are on the way to becoming a defining brand in pulleys, and we have full confidence in our team.

During the fair, we will focus on themes that showcase the innovation of our pulley systems, both in casting and plastic options, as well as the versatility and advanced engineering of our high-quality motor drums. We are particularly confident in our variety of plastic pulleys. There is a trend towards plastic pulleys in the industry, and we want to leverage this. Similarly abroad.

Before ELEVEX, we had effective communication with our partners. Especially our export department did a very good job in this regard. We reached both our existing customers and those we see as potential. Whether it's social media, direct calling, or email traffic, we have actively invited them both to our fair and to our city. We experienced a pleasant and delightful pre-fair period. We adopted a proactive communication method. This situation also created an opportunity for us to generate data. This process will provide us with a foundation for productive discussions and valuable connections during the fair. We believe in this.

At BLB-Balaban, we see fair organizations as an integral part of our long-term strategy, along with other factors. Fairs help solidify our presence in the market and allow us to reflect our innovations in pulley and motor drum technologies to a broader audience, supporting brand growth and customer loyalty.

We believe that displaying our innovative pulley systems and motor drums at the ELEVEX Konya Elevator and Technologies Fair will positively impact BLB-Balaban's competitive, innovative, uncompromising on quality, export-oriented position in the market."