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Starting its activities at the beginning of 2018, Boyem Elevator presents the raw materials and DIN766 caliber chains used in the production of the balance chain, and the high-quality and flexible elevator balance chains and equipments in the range of 1.2kg / m and 5.2 kg / m, as the needs of the sector, which have been subjected to many researches and tests to its customers.

Stating that they stand by their customers with their rich supplier network and quality production under all conditions, using more than 30 years of industry experience and field knowledge, Boyem Elevato’s General Manager Yücel Dilibal said: “In our production facility with an area of 250 square meters, we market our elevator balance chains, which we manufacture with 12 meters 'extruder' line and 4 personnel, to the domestic market. In addition, we export the same directly to countries such as Iran, Iraq and Ukraine, and indirectly to Russia and Balkan countries through our customers in the domestic market.