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Caner Can Planet Plastik

We have completed the stand and advertising work for the products we have produced in the preparation process for the ELEVEX Konya Elevator and Technologies Fair. We are excited to meet with our customers.

Our goals at the fair are to reach the entire industry, to best represent ourselves by identifying new products according to the needs of our customers, and to offer the needed products in the highest quality to the customer.

For years, we have been offering a few products needed in the elevator sector to our customers. We believe there are many companies we have not reached yet and think that we can reach more companies at the fair. This is why we decided to participate in ELEVEX Konya. We believe that the fair will allow us to present our company and products in the best way and establish new collaborations by meeting face to face with industry actors.

We have been visiting fairs as attendees for years. We thought about participating occasionally, but it never happened. Hearing that an elevator fair will be organized in Konya for the first time this year excited us greatly. I think ELEVEX being organized in a beautiful city like Konya, where the heart of the elevator industry beats, will be a unique experience and joy for the participants.

At Planet Plastik, our main theme at the fair will be our quality. The fundamental feature that distinguishes us is our capacity to produce products with their own brands for any company that desires it.

Unfortunately, there is quite a lot of price competition in our industry. We have satisfied our customers with our quality rather than price. We continue on the same path. Unlike companies that focus on price rather than quality, Planet's difference and priority have always been quality, and it will remain so.

The fact that the fair will be held in Konya for the first time is an important process for everyone, and we expect it to be well-managed and everything to be complete. We offer our thanks in advance for everything.