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Ceyas Asansör, “ALWAYS HIGHER”

Abdurrahman Ceylan, General Manager of Ceyas Mühendislik ve Asansör, which was established in 2007 to carry out engineering services, elevator material manufacturing, and sales activities, said, "Ceyas Asansör, which has not compromised on quality since the first day it was founded, has taken another step towards the quality service standards it targets with the ISO 9001-2000 quality certificate it received during its establishment year. We have proven the quality of our products by obtaining TSEK (cabin certificate) and EN 81-58 (fire resistant manual elevator floor door) certificates." Ceylan stated that as Ceyas Asansör, their primary goal is to develop together with customer satisfaction and today's technology and that they are working by revising their companies in accordance with the requirements of the age. 

"Our company has developed itself in terms of faster, higher quality, and error-free product production by including punch press machine in 2015, electrostatic paint plant in 2020, laser technology in 2021, machining (CNC-turning and machining centers) in our production line in 2022 and improving our manufacturing methods," said Ceyas Asansör General Manager Abdurrahman Ceylan. "Our company produces elevator cars, semi-automatic ESB painted stainless doors, wrought iron special doors, L carcass, C carcass, well-specific carcasses, and suspension systems. In addition, in our R&D unit, fully automatic door systems have been completed and presented to the service of our customers. At the same time, all materials such as motor, panel, rope, rail, etc. needed by an assembly company are available in our company. In the process of putting our projects into operation, the designs made according to the well are first worked in the digital environment as 2D VS 3D through our design team in line with special requests. While making our planning during these studies, our priority is to ensure that our field team can work faster, error-free and safer. Finally, our project is implemented through our field team in the field of manufacturing. Our experienced sales team at home and abroad provides one-to-one meetings with our customers and produces in line with customer requests. In 2023, we aim to have a wider audience with the quality and reliability of our products at home and abroad and to serve 6 more countries that we have never exported to before. As Ceyas Mühendislik ve Asansör, we make a lot of effort as a team to keep our slogan "ALWAYS HIGHER" alive, and we act as a family to improve both ourselves and our company.