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The new date of CNR Eurasia Elevator Expo, as one of the biggest trade platforms of the Turkish elevator industry, has been amended as 01-04 September, 2021.

This date change, which is requested by international procurement committees, professional buyers and many participating companies to visit the expo, and which was implemented with the joint decision of CNR Holding, TASIAD and ASFED, will positively contribute to the trade volume of the expo.

CNR Holding's decision to postpone, which is welcomed by its foreign agents and global business partners, will be much more beneficial for both participants and buyers of the sector.

The expo, where the most prestigious domestic and foreign elevator and escalator companies will meet with international buyers, will be organized in 2021 at CNR Expo Istanbul Expo Center - the center of global trade.

In September 2021, the CNR Eurasia Elevator Expo will bring together the most important representatives of the world elevator industry with professional visitors for the 5th time. At CNR Eurosia Elevator, where the whole industry will be under the same roof, domestic and foreign sector buyers will meet with participating companies.

CNR Eurasia Elevator Expo will stand out as the largest-scale trade platform of the elevator and escalator industry, constantly renewing itself by focusing mainly on R&D and innovation. At the expo, all innovations will be exhibited together, from elevators operating with a contactless call system that helps to minimize the risk of virus contamination, solutions that prevent bacteria and germ formation, to self-cleaning cabins, elevators with hologram technologies instead of buttons.

At the Eurasia Elevator Expo, as one of the most important fairs of the sector, the following products will be exhibited together: residential and commercial building elevators, hospital elevators, in-house elevators and personal carriers, auto elevators, freight and service elevators, elevators for disabled, escalators and moving stairs (escalators), along with latest products, machinery, materials, equipment and technologies in different categories.