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Founded in Kayseri in 1996 with the aim of providing elevator maintenance, repair and assembly services, Devas Elevator started the R&D and manufacturing works of Homelift and Platform Systems for Disabled, which have high added value and were completely imported, in 2005. Starting its activities in a small workshop of 100 square meters, Devas has grown substantially over time with the increase of product variety and the development of its machine park, and today continues its activities in a production facility with a closed area of 3.200 square meters. The company continues to develop, improve and grow with new investments in line with the plans and targets it has made in the short, medium and long term.

Hello, Mr. Mustafa. Could you provide us with information with regards to the product groups and services that you preset for the industry?

Hello. With a wide-range of products comprising of Homelift Villa Elevator, Open-Type Platform for Disabled, Closed-Type Platform for Disabled, Truss-Type Platform for Disabled, Vehicle Platform, Cargo Platform, Food Elevator, along with Ladder-Type Rotational Horizontal Platform for Disabled which is manufactured by 5 companies across the world and only by our company in Turkey, we continue to provide services as the solution-partner of both national and international reputed companies under 5 different brands and 12 products under the roof of Devas Elevator.

Almost all of our products are produced as standard and mass production. In addition to our mass production products, we also manufacture custom designed personal elevators.

This year, in July, as a new model in our design workshop, our tube elevator, which possess completely oval forms and provides a great advantage in terms of usage area efficiency for narrow spaces, took its place among our product range with the brand "Tubelift". For now, we manufacture products that are made to measure. But soon, we will start mass production and lower the costs. "Tubelift", which we promote on our website and social media, has managed to attract intense interest and appreciation from both domestic and foreign followers. Best wishes to our industry through your esteemed platform and I personnally thank all our employees who contributed to the designing process.

Can you tell me the competitive advantages of yours that lead your products to be preferred?

Above all, the customer satisfaction and quality are of substantial importance to us. According to our surveys, our customers prefer us thanls to our price advantage, as well as our product quality and after-sales service. As I mentioned in the beginning, we are still continuing in the same line on the road we started with the principle of "Competition in Quality". Every step we take with this principle leads us to an advantageous way against our competitors.

We have a very strong R&D team. We continue to grow with a new model and a new product every year. The fact that we manufacture all the products we develop and design within our own structure in terms of software, hardware and design aspects provides us with an advantage in terms of both the costs and quality aspets.

Could you give us some information on your manufacturing facility, machine-park and employment power?

In our production facility with an outdoor area of 15.000 square meters and a indoor area of 3.200 square meters in Kayseri Mimarsinan Organized Industrial Zone, we provide services for 81 cities in Turkey and 16 countries across the world with 12 white collar and 36 blue collar personnel.

We try to avoid material and time waste at the highest level possible by applying lean production techniques in our production services.

The two main elements that determine the quality of our products are the "personnel and machinery equipment". These two factors are among the values we lay utmost importance to in production. The more educated our staff is, the better the quality of our products will be, and so are our machines, which will also lead to higher accuracy for the product outputs.


Currently, we manufacture our products with at the highest quality using guillotine shear, cnc punch press, two cnc press brakes, a thread rolling machine which is the only one in the sector to manufacture our own screw shaft, a static paint oven, and other related machinery, equipment and hand tools.

Last month, we laid the foundations of our additional production facility with an indoor area of 3,000 square meters in order to increase our production capacity. We plan to finish it by December. With the new production area, we will manage to increase our total indoor area to 6,200 square meters, increasing our capacity by 30%.

What are your export activities and targets?

We have been exporting 50% of our whole production for the last two years. Previously, this rate was around 15%. We believe that this rate will increase as the days pass thanks to our prices being competitive compared to our European competitors and the substantial importance we lay onto R&D and innovation. We are currently providing services for our customers in 16 different countries as standard product and project-based orders.

The exports we made are mainly to the regions Middle East and the Turkic Republics. We export our products to European countries for special projects.

Our export target, which we set at the beginning of 2020, is to export 65% of our production by the end of 2023 and to increase our export rate to be made to European countries. The steps we have taken so far towards this goal have started to yield positive results. This situation positively affects the motivation of both us and our staff.

Is there any news on new investments by you? Could you give us some details?

After the decision to increase capacity this year, we started to invest in additional service building and new machinery. In August, we added an additional CNC press brake bending machine to our existing system to be used in sheet metal processing. We are planning to put the fully automatic conveyor static painting line into service until March, for which we are currently in the process of collecting offers.

Above all, we decided to invest in personnel employment this year and reserved a quite substantial budget for this. As you know, we are experiencing a shortage of qualified and trained personnel in our sector, as in every sector. We aim to provide better quality service by training our own staff instead of looking for qualified personnel.