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Mustafa Kırıker, CEO of Door Life Asansör, spoke about the history of the company and its current activities. Mr. Kyryker said that the company was established in 1978 with the goal of special metal processing, and in 2000 focused its activities on the production of elevator doors. Mr. Kırıker said: “Kırıker Metal has 25 years of experience in metal processing. To use this experience, as well as many years of experience in the manufacture of elevator doors, in 2009 we decided to register the DOORLIFE trademark, which would carry out activities both on the national and international markets. The company began its work with a small workshop, but now we are constantly improving the quality and safety of our products and improving production facilities at the factory with a total area of 30 thousand square meters and a covered area of 12 thousand square meters.”

The general director of the company Mustafa Kırıker said that the company is located on the Chankyry-Ankara highway at a factory with a closed area of 12,000 square meter and is equipped with the most modern technologies, and the production capacity of the company is more than 5000 elevator doors per month. Mr. Kırıker said: “We are an innovative company that pays great attention to research and development. Our staff consists of 100 employees, 80 of which are involved in production, and 20 in the administrative department. We are quickly moving towards achieving our goals, while maintaining our customers' satisfaction at the highest level. ”He added that the company priority is to supply customers with products manufactured using the company high-tech equipment in the best possible way and in the most high-quality way.

Mustafa Kırıker also added that the company has stamping, laser-cutting and metal-bending CNCs, welding robots and has a paint output of 400 doors per day. This allows you to speed up the production process and improve product quality. He said: “We produce high-quality products through a combination of the highest quality raw materials, a network of reliable suppliers and the experience of our employees. The company makes every effort to ensure that its products meet all the requirements of a quality control system. ”


“65% of manufactured products are exported to more than 20 countries”

Mr. Кırıker said that the company attaches great importance to export products. He said: “We have been exporting our products since the 2000s and are constantly increasing export volumes. Now 65% of the company's products are exported to more than 20 countries. The company has 3,000 sqm distribution centers and warehouses in Cairo, Egypt and 2,000 sqm in Casablanca, Morocco.

The company exports products mainly to such countries of the Middle East as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia, Qatar, Israel; the countries of the Balkan Peninsula: Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo, Greece, Serbia and the countries of Europe: France, Czech Republic, Germany. ”

Mustafa Kırıker noted that the fast and stable growth of exports is due to the efforts of experienced employees of the sales and after-sales department of Door Life Asansör, as well as its strong material and technical base. Every day, the company raises its goals in terms of the number of exported products.

Mustafa Kırıker, CEO of Door Life Asansör, said: “Due to economic fluctuations, the construction market in our country slowed down, which contributed to a reorientation of the company's priorities for exporting products. Due to the quality and reasonable prices, our products are always in demand. We decided to use this opportunity in the interests of the company. It also provided a special opportunity to increase the company's market share due to product quality and timely delivery.

We are sure that if we correctly identify the target areas, hold the necessary meetings, participate in exhibitions, we will be able to move the economy of the industry and the country forward. The participation of the company in industry exhibitions held in Egypt, Algeria, Qatar, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Germany confidently brings us closer to achieving the company's goals.

The company sees the entire lift industry as one big family, so we warmly welcome the achievements of all its members. I want to wish success to all employees of our industry and I hope that we can all share the joy of our achievements. ”