02 Şubat 2021,‘DORU’, Elevator Vizyon Magazine, All What You Are Looking For is On This Site


‘DORU’, while making a name with its distinctive lines, fulfills its energy demands for meeting all traffic needs in businesses from aluminum-made guide rails. Thus, the negative things like voltage drops due to batteries and current inefficiencies caused by battery-powered systems are prevented. When compared with the battery-powered systems, ‘DORU’ marks itself in the sector with %75 performance surplus, 45 degree inclined steps by a carrying capacity of minimum of 300 kilograms. With its uniquely designed transmission build, not only there is no variance occurring between speed and the carrying capacity, but also with the MDR technology, the energy consumption is kept under 10 Ampere.

‘DORU’ stairlift are specially produced for curved stairs. Rusting is prevented via galvanization for indoor and outdoor utilization, ‘DORU’ can be folded by means of stairs to be freely used.  ‘DORU’ which has a carrying capacity of 250 to 350 kilograms, has a speed of 0,07 to 0,15 meters for you to choose. This product which has 1040 x 865 millimeters of platform measurements can be used up to 45 degree of inclination. ‘DORU’, with a platform of 120 kilograms and rail weight of 17 kilograms facilitates advantages in both assembly and utilization. The product which can be applied to both interior and exteriors can also be applied to heights of 50 meters maximum.

‘DORU’, adding functionality and grace to the family environment with its high-level design, meets all expectations regarding to the curved stairlifts via its soft colors, curvy shapes, foldable safety bars and VSR voice assistant.

It is produced from high quality materials. All the surfaces are produced from aluminum due to prevent rusting. Its modern lines and nice presentation completes the excellence of projects.

‘DORU’, having CE and ISO certificates, also offers load sensor equipped.


Devas Asansör is the only company in Turkey as of 2019, mass producing vertical straight and curved stairlifts domestically and nationally after a long R&D process. It produces and develops vertical stairlifts which are requiring cutting-edge technology with the technology infrastructure of ‘Mechatronic and Industry 4.0’.

Every one of the components used in the system along with a lifelong guarantee principle, has designed meticulously and tested for every kind of climate conditions from -35 to +50 degrees Celsius. Devas Elevator, which is one of the 2 companies with world-class rail-powered production and one of the 5 companies producing curved platforms globally, provides significant advantages to its users with its products with ‘Industry 4.0’ technology. One of these advantages is the possibility of a connection with Wi-Fi and Android compatible mobile phones to the stairlifts and making all the settings from there. Also, with VSR assistant, user-friendly vertical stairlifts can direct all errors and usage information to the user with a mutli-language function and by voice. Devas Asansör which is manufacturing the ‘driver and controller’ cards used on the machine within itself; writes the codes with its own engineers due to its domestic and national principle.