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Latif Bıyıklı, General Manager of DPS Door, said; "DPS Door, which was established in Gaziantep in 2016, continues its adventure, which it started with a production facility with a total area of 10,000 square meters, 5,000 square meters of which is closed, in its new facility of 25,000 square meters in total, 9,000 square meters of which is closed, in Osmaniye. It meets all the needs and expectations of the automatic door sector for 16 years We answer with our experience.".

Noting that DPS Door has grown into an important brand in a short time, Bıyıklı stated that they exported to many countries in the second year of their establishment. Latif Bıyıklı, who stated that they moved their factory to Osmaniye by turning their availability into an opportunity when they caught the Covid-19 pandemic that started in 2020, stated that the location of the city and other advantages, as well as the desire to invest in his hometown, were effective in the relocation of DPS Door's production facility to Osmaniye.

Latif Bıyıklı, General Manager of DPS Door, said; "Our relocation process was completed in a short time that can be considered a record. We did not interrupt production with the planning we made before the move. Our new production facility, with a closed area of 9,000 square meters and a total area of 25,000 square meters, gave us the chance to increase our machinery park by 40 percent. More than half of our colleagues who set their hearts on the DPS Door brand moved to Osmaniye permanently with our factory. In addition to our current employees, the number of our employment has almost doubled with the workforce we provide from Osmaniye. Our monthly production capacity of 3000 in Gaziantep has increased to 5000 with our new facility. Our export figures, realized through our solution partner in Istanbul, continue to rise in the same direction.

In addition to the DPS Door brand, which is currently in production with all its series, we are counting the days for the mass production of a new door whose R&D studies are nearing the end. Our medium-term goals are to enter the top 3 in the market with our newly produced door and to deliver the DPS Door brand to at least 20 more countries by the end of 2022. When DPS Door is mentioned, we shall continue to work, develop and grow together with our valued customers until a quality understanding befitting Turkey comes to mind."