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Founded in 2013 in order to provide products to domestic and international elevator markets and assembly companies by producing, selling and assembling platforms for disabled, food elevators, steel construction, elevator cabin and elevator well parts, Efelift Elevator operates in its production facility with a closed area of 4800 square meters.

We ensure the quality of our production with continuous improvement, production capacity expansion, modern technologies and qualified colleagues. We are committed to customer satisfaction, long-term partnership and product reliability by ensuring quality in the production and service stages with technological preparation in each and every designing process. Our productions are manufactured in accordance with European standards. The design of the products, the correct selection of the switchgear materials used, customer satisfaction and after-sales services are the  factors that are of crucial importance to us in choosing our products. The fact that a good quality product has a more affordable price compared to the European market strengthens the purchasing demands. Our biggest competitive advantage is that we always stand behind our products regardless of what happens in after-sales procedures.

In Mimarsinan Organized Industrial Zone, we have our production line and machinery park equipped with the latest technology in an indoor area of 4800 square meters. While 90% of the products we manufacture are produced within our own structure, we also have a subcontractor and supply group for the resting 10%.

We offer 35% of our products directly or indirectly to foreign markets. As a result of the fairs we have attended since 2013, international travels and commercial correspondence, we are moving towards achieving our export targets. We continue to work to increase our market share by reaching European, Asian and American countries.”

Noting that they made new investments in order to increase the diversity in solar energy system, renewable energy production and disabled products, Sezer Özek said that they intended to contribute to the world market by having a say in the same with Turkey's brand value.