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Established in 2013, Efelift Asansör provides services throughout the world with the brand "VINI".  Stating that "VINI" is a registered trademark that has proven its quality to Turkey and the world, Efelift Asansör General Manager Abidin Güler said, "Our company, established with 100 percent domestic capital, continues its activities in a 7000 square meter production facility with its young staff who are experts in their field. Efelift Asansör, which increases its production capacity and quality every day, also has a wide marketing network in the field of foreign trade. Efelift Asansör, which produces energy-efficient products that are more valuable by investing constantly and taking advantage of the technological opportunities of our time, is developing every day, growing without sacrificing its quality, provides the best service to its valued customers." 

- Universal designs for accessibility
Noting that accessibility is an important issue for the sustainability of social life, Abidin Güler, General Manager of Efelift Asansör, said the following about the products they produce within the scope of accessibility: "Social life means being present in all areas. As Efelift Disabled Elevator Systems, we make universal designs in order to ensure the accessibility of individuals in all situations. Our 'KH 400' model offers a solution for comfortable, quiet, and high cruising with its special hydraulic design. The 'KH 400', which is widely used and preferred in private areas such as schools, hospitals, mosques, police stations, public institutions, underpasses and driving courses, has an extremely important design in terms of contributing to the accessibility of people with disabilities."

Abidin Güler said, "The biggest advantage in choosing our products is that they comply with quality standards and regulations and can meet the needs of disabled individuals," and said the following about the standards that products related to accessibility should meet and Efelift products: "The products to be made must be manufactured taking into account EN 81-41, TS ISO 9386-1, 2006/42/EC and other referenced standards. We should not forget that some disabled individuals may be in a position to continue their lives under the supervision of a companion. For this reason, A, B and C type wheelchair dimensions should be considered as far as the architectural structure allows. To accommodate a standard Type A or Type B wheelchair according to TS EN 12183 and/or TS EN 12184, the top view dimensions of the platform floor in new buildings must be equal to or greater than the given dimensions, excluding any hand grips, including any sensitive edges, photocells, or light curtains. For existing buildings, other dimensions may be considered when there is not enough room. Local building codes must be observed. In buildings with public access, the platform length should not be less than 1,400 mm to provide sufficient space for one attendant. As Efelift Asansör, we have these documents.

After our products are completed, we test them under the control of our engineers and me and send them to our customers after passing through various R&D processes. We carry out a coordinated work with our engineers and well-equipped teammates. Our job is a demanding job, and we are making the necessary effort to be a solution partner to the problems of disabled people and to offer them an environment where they can feel comfortable."

- Sustainable growth depends on properly executed R&D activities.
Stating that as Efelift Disabled Lift Systems, they are aware that a sustainable growth is achieved with R&D activities carried out correctly, Güler added: "For this reason, our R&D activities were continuing before our factory was established. With the self-confidence this gained, our efforts to develop new products related to our industry, which are not produced in our country, gained momentum. In order to make these studies more conscious and systematic, we decided to be R&D centered and started our necessary activities. In this context, we aim to expand our existing product portfolio, increase our product quality, increase our competitiveness, and respond more quickly to the expectations of our customers, as well as to create a more comfortable environment for disabled life by using the technology required by the age." And he said, "As Efelift Disabled Elevator Systems, we have determined that their basic mission is to produce new products based on industry-related knowledge and technology, with high 'know-how' and an end to our foreign dependency. And we are developing more and more by serving many countries around the world."

- We have quality certificates and certificates for all our products
Stating that all of their products are quality certified and certified, also Abidin Güler noted that as Efelift Disabled Lift Systems, their products are developing day by day and their market shares are increasing day by day, adding value to the country's economy.

General Manager Abidin Güler stated that as Efelift Disabled Elevator Systems, they aim to identify the problems experienced by disabled people and provide them with a more comfortable environment, and continued his words as follows: "There are many problems faced by our disabled citizens in their daily lives, such as transportation, accommodation, not being able to get on and off the vehicles by themselves, stairs, small cabins where the disabled vehicle cannot fit, thresholds in front of workplaces and buildings, pool and not being able to swim in the sea. Solutions developed to solve these problems include applications such as disabled lifts, hydraulic disabled platforms, endless screw platforms, horizontal platforms for carrying stairs, mobile carriers, ramps, handicap handles (WC, bedside), pool platforms, and placing markers on transportation places. The state provides facilities for people with disabilities, especially in matters such as transportation, education, and treatment. However, this should be further developed. Ramps should be built on the sidewalks for disabled people, and systems that shall facilitate getting on and off vehicles should be expanded. As a company, we design and manufacture these products. We think that we provide many benefits to our disabled people regarding these shortcomings.

Our products are very advantageous in terms of quality and delivery times compared to their European and Far Eastern competitors. Are also very popular. We aim to open too much wider markets with our 'Vini' brand. The fact that we are more disadvantaged in terms of raw material supply than China involuntarily affects our product in terms of price. However, our company has eliminated the negative effects of this disadvantage by offering its best for customer satisfaction and has become a preferred company in its sector.

As Efelift Asansör, we are working with our expert teammates in the field with the awareness that disabled platforms are an important issue for both the industry and society. Our goal is to bring people with disabilities into society and provide them with a more comfortable future. Let's not forget that we are all people who are candidates to become disabled people. For this, we are improving ourselves every day as a company."