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Opearting in the elevator industry since 1996 and started selling complete elevator systems and components in 2011, Elit Lift Asansör serves its customers with elevator package sales, spare material sales and production of elevator cabin, suspension, machine stand and consumables in accordance with TS EN 81-20 / 50 regulation.

Cemal Demir, as the  Board Chairman of Elit Asansör said: “Established by experienced founders and started to work with an expert staff, Elit Lift Elevator continues its activities with the excitement of the first day by constantly revising its service mindset and approaches in accordance with today's requirements. While the construction, industry and tourism sectors are developing rapidly, Elit Asansör has succeeded in producing solutions with alternatives beyond what is demanded. Elevators that require high, fast and special equipment have also become the specialty area of Elit Asansör.

While conducting all these works, Elit Asansör has registered its quality and assurance with TSE, ISO 9001 and 'CE' certificates. Today, hospitals, administrative service buildings, touristic facilities and business centers that require special services in all aspects from projection to production and service, prefer Elit Asansör.” 

Stating that working with the institutions and organizations in their portfolios leads them to constantly improve themselves and their business, Cemal Demir also said: “There are indispensable principles for us: safety, aesthetics, longevity and customer satisfaction. As Elit Asansör, we have based our mindset of quality, which we have adopted in our work, on these four main elements, and we continue to carry it out in this way.

We continue to respond to the needs of our customers by adding the sales of elevator materials to our business life, which started in 1996 and continues with our qualified and friendly expert staff.” 
Stating that that they work in a structure that can meet consumer needs with their superior technology products in accordance with international quality and safety standards, Cemal Demir also expressed that they have increased their product range by combining reliability and quality mindset.

Stating that “We can summarize the business principles of Elit Asansör as follows: In the services we provide, to follow the sector in the most accurate way and work with professionals in process management, to provide our customers with the perfect result, to ensure the permanent respect for honesty and trade ethics, to keep service quality ahead of profit policies, to follow innovations closely, to create differences and provide permanent superiority in the sector.” Cemal Demir said that issues such as service diversity, on-time delivery and quality production are also their prioritized principles.

Cemal Demir continued his words as follows: “Through a communication based on trust and sincerity with our customers, we endeavor to maintain continuous satisfaction and not to lose these values. With regards to the quality management system, we define and apply the quality conditions in a way to meet the needs and expectations of our customers and constantly improve their effectiveness.

It is among our priorities to meet customer demands and expectations in the best way possible and to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.

Our efforts to increase our production efficiency and competitiveness by following technological developments continue uninterruptedly. The importance we lay ontothe quality awareness, training and skills of our employees improves our productivity proportionally.

- 2021 will be the year we lay more importane in exporting our products.
As Elit Asansör, we lay great importance onto exports. In 2021, we aim to increase our current export rate by 25 percent by focusing on export activities. We have accelerated our works oriented at this direction. We plan our overseas operations with the brand "Max Elit Asansör”.

While providing services for our domestic customers with our expert employees in our production facility, which is built on a total area of 17,000 square meters and has an indoor area of 5,500 square meters in the 2nd Organized Industrial Zone of Şanlıurfa, we strengthened our export structure, as well. Starting from 2021, we will carry the success we have achieved domestically in the coming years to the international market, and we will undertake projects that are worthy for the "Elit Asansör" brand.”