01 Şubat 2021,EMAK LIFT IS DEVELOPING INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS IN ORDER TO BECOME A GLOBAL BRAND , Elevator Vizyon Magazine, All What You Are Looking For is On This Site


EMAK Lift is aiming to become a global brand with putting the lifts produced in regards to European norms to market. Ahmet İlgen, Commerce Director of EMAK Lift states that they are knowing all the parts of lift manufacturing and along with their 45 years of experience, they are presenting solution oriented designs to their customers’ projects.

İlgen expresses their aim being narrowing the foreign trade deficit by increasing the exports shared that they aspire to become a globally known Turkish brand. In their 10 thousand production facility while manufacturing with European norms, Ilgen underlined their works consisting of design R&D, manufacturing and certification included full package systems

İlgen, while highlighting their %100 domestic component usage in production added that their production range is consisting of 3 to 10 tons lifting capacity car and freight lifts, villa lifts without machine rooms or pits, residential elevators, high speed lifts and specially designed panoramic elevators.

 “We have completed the R&D of lifts without machine rooms”

Ahmet İlgen stated that, as EMAK Lift, they are answering the customer needs and demands especially in abroad market customers with products having quality and reasonable price from the Turkey’s lift sector. He added, “While developing our production structure and the technologies we use in accordance with the export aims of our company, we want to give our best to Turkey and pass on to the forthcoming generations.

İlgen explained that they are also offering solutions to villa elevators. He emphasized that the R&D of EMAK Lifts without machine rooms (MRL) has completed along with the increased scope of solutions.