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Emay Asansör

He continued his words as follows: "Emay is an engineering company. Therefore, there is engineering in every step. There is engineering in our endless R&D activities, production processes, marketing methods, and even our organization chart. "said Tayfun Gora, Foreign Trade Manager of Emay Asansör, who started, noting that Emay Asansör is known as an engineering company in both Turkey and the elevator sector in the world.

Stating that they operate in the production, sales and after-sales technical service of elevator control cards, drivers, elevator automatic doors, elevator gearless motors, sliding aluminum doors, also known as market doors, bus-minibus door mechanisms and bus, minibus and caravan steps and CNC machine door mechanisms, Tayfun Gora said, "EMAY Asansör, which specializes in the field of automatic floor and cabin doors,  While producing around 8 thousand elevator mechanisms per month, it produces between 2 and 3 thousand elevator doors according to the orders received. As EMAY Asansör, our biggest advantage is that we are able to produce all electronic components and mechanics by developing them within our own body. From the simplest piece of plastic to the most complex drive, we develop and implement with our own engineering infrastructure. We are one of the rare companies that can achieve this in our sector. We provide services to all elevator manufacturers. We channeled 70% of our production to the production of elevator doors. In addition, with our advanced engineering infrastructure, we have become the only company in Turkey that produces linear motors in the field of sliding doors and the second company in the world. We can manufacture doors with widths from 700 millimeters to one thousand 500 millimeters as standard. In case of demand for more width, we are a company that has the ability to respond to the demands by making special production."

Saying "We are trying to be a locomotive in our field", Tayfun Gora underlined that they are 100 percent domestic production. Tayfun Gora, "We have an annual consumption of 50 thousand tons of steel," he said. "With the reinforced steel rail system for vehicle and freight elevators as well as normal elevators, we produce high-strength elevator doors and thresholds with 8 tons of point carrying capacity. With a 75-watt gearless motor, we can operate automatic doors with a single card. We have developed and introduced Turkey's first and only gearless motorized automatic door system to the market. One of our biggest advantages is that the doors we produce are compatible with the chassis of all main applicators and have an easy installation. We also develop and produce radar motion and hand sensors in automatic doors.” he said.

Stating that they produce with 75 people in an area of 20 thousand square meters with the newly established production facility as well as the production facility in Hasanağa, Tayfun Gora said that they export 40 percent of their production, that they send elevator doors directly to 42 countries and indirectly to more than 60 countries, "We export to countries such as all Balkan countries, Eastern and Northern Europe, South America and Russia. We work with the dealership system in every country we export to."

Tayfun Gora also pointed out that they have determined especially the Indian and Chinese markets as the target market and that they want to grow there. Tayfun Gora said, “When you produce technology, there is no such concept as a difficult market. By using this advantage, we aim to deliver the technology needed to these countries."

"As a result of long R&D studies, we are ambitious in the quality of all our products we offer to our customers"
Tayfun Gora said, "In principle, we do not release any product that does not meet our production quality and adequacy criteria. We are assertive in the quality of all our products that we offer to our customers as a result of long R & D studies." and stated that R&D studies are carried out continuously instead of periodically at Emay Asansör. He said that a team of engineers working in R&D departments is working with the effort of moving existing products further and another team is constantly focused on developing new products. 

"Our strongest point is R&D"
Emay Asansör Foreign Trade Manager Tayfun Gora stated that the strongest aspect of Emay Asansör is the importance it gives to R&D and continued his words as follows: "Therefore, if we did not have a serious R&D team in this way, we would be an ordinary company in its own right, we would not even have a place in the sector." “R&D culture is developing in Turkey, unfortunately, it is not in every sector. For example, very serious R&D studies are carried out in our aviation and defense industry or automotive industry, which we all admire. However, when it comes to the elevator sector, we are at the beginning of the road even though we see good works. I know that there are incentives for companies to develop their R&D activities. However, because it requires a lot of procedures, many companies, including us, continue their research and development activities with their own means.