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EMF Motor introduced the world's smallest and lightest lift engine to its visitors at Interlift 2019 held in Ausburg between 15th-18th October 2019.

Designed and produced with EMF Motor technology for “Homelift” elevators, whose importance and market share are increasing day by day, SQML 73 is the smallest and lightest elevator motor in the world. Its unique engine geometry provides SQML 73 with the highest torque density, thus rendering it the smallest engine. Designed for MRL systems, SQML73 is 205 mm in width and 65 kg in weight. Thanks to these features, SQML73 enables the installation of elevators in narrow spaces.

SQML73 provides the opportunity for high speed magnet geometry, low speed control, very high comfort and quiet movement.


- The smallest and lightest elevator engine designed for MRL

- Special design for lifts without machine room

- Plastic coated or steel hub belt options

- Pulley diameter 120 and 140mm for plastic coating and 100 mm for belt applications.

- Speed up to 0.5 m / s

- Quiet operation

- Maximum weight 65 kg

- Maximum width 205mm

- Torque up to 125 Nm

- Compliance with 2014/33 / EU and EN81-20, EN81-50 Elevator Regulations

- Brakes are certified according to 2014/33 / EU and EN81-20, EN 81-50