02 Şubat 2021,EMRAH TERZAN: WE HAVE SOME NEW COUNTRIES ADDED TO OUR EXPORT PORTFOLIO, Elevator Vizyon Magazine, All What You Are Looking For is On This Site


Mik-el Sales Manager Emrah Terzan stated that as the pandemic process affects all economies globally, it inevitably affects them as well. Emrah Terzan, who noted that the relatively long closing processes in India and South America negatively affected their expectations in these markets and said; ‘‘However, although we could not find the opportunity to visit some new countries during this period, we managed to add them to our export portfolio. In this way, we balanced our loss and even turned it into positive. We expect this year's share of exports to exceed the last year and realize a result close to half of our total turnover. He also stated that when the exchange rate is more valuable than the local currency, it may be advantageous especially in labor-intensive products and added that it would not be completely correct to generalize this. Terzan said; ‘‘As we know, there are countries with very strong exports although their currency is more valuable than many countries. What is important here is that the local currency should be as stable as possible against currencies used in international trade, especially against USD and EURO. Thus, export companies can spend their energy on finding new markets instead of the problems caused by exchange rate fluctuations in an environment where they can see their future better. We come to know that the USA is working on massive stimulus packages for the upcoming period. If these packages are implemented, there shall be a downward pressure on the USD. Over the past month, Turkey has begun to make some changes in its policy of economy, which are considered positive by the market.

If we continue to take the right steps in the field of economy, I do not expect the exchange rate to rise much. The exchange rate may increase at the old levels that is experienced. But if it is managed well, it can be taken under control without much fluctuation and without harming the economy.

Emrah Terzan, Sales Manager of Mik-el, said the following with respect to the export expectations of 2021: “In this regard, I think it is very important to see the first quarter of 2021. Because in this period, we shall observe to what extent the expected 3rd Covid-19 wave shall affect the countries. We shall also begin to see the effects of vaccines during this period. Obviously, we have certain export and market strategies that we apply according to product types. But the whole world is going through a very special and difficult time. This shall inevitably affect our export activities. I expect that there shall be a chance to open up to new markets and increase our exports starting from the second quarter of 2021 and in 2022. I would like to underline that we shall begin to see the market situations more clearly as the negative effects caused by the pandemic diminish. Our product, which started to be in demand during the pandemic period, became our module that cleans viruses, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms in elevator cabins using UV-C light. This module, named UV-DCM, is a control module that allows the UV-C lamp to operate in a controlled and safe manner. It can be applied to all old and new elevators. Especially with the 2nd Covid-19 wave, the demands from Europe for this product started to increase. Now, we have added another feature to the disinfection feature of this product which circulates the air when the cabin is full. We started the sale of this product named UV-ALD as of December 2020.”