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Erdenlift Asansör, which started its activities in the elevator sector in 2013 with the employment of 3 people in 60 square meters, moved to its production and management facility with an indoor area of 3,500 square meters.

Soner Erden, the General Manager of Erdenlift Asansör, which serves the sector with elevator overload systems, height photocell and point photocell, noted that they have continuously invested in their business since their establishment and added that " Erdenlift Asansör started its activities in February 2013 in Ataşehir with its 3 employees and 60 square meters workshop. Before our establishment, we carried out approximately 1 year of R&D work. We have become a solution-oriented, innovative company that constantly develops its products, as we know the right product that the industry requires, and the problems experienced. Growing both as a production facility and as a customer portfolio almost every year, Erden Lift continued its development by ensuring customer satisfaction. In line with the high demand for our products, we needed to enlarge our plant and expand our storage area, and we started to serve in our new location in Ümraniye. We have two typesetting lines in our new facility with a production area of 3,500 square meters. We can easily meet our orders and we can produce products much higher than the current capacity. In addition, we are a solution partner by serving a few different sectors with our typesetting machines apart from the elevator sector." Noting that they produce 100 percent domestically produced elevator height photocells, overload systems and other electronic products with their fully automatic machine park, Soner Erden said that their aim is to increase the number of countries they export to and to create new dealerships.

Underlining that they were able to achieve the growth they aimed to achieve despite all the troublesome and bad effects of 2020, Soner Erden said, "2020 has been recorded as a productive year for us. We expected that 2021 would be a better year than 2020 and that the economy would quickly recover this year. However, due to the increases in commodity prices in the first quarter of the year and the crisis experienced in the 'chip' issue, which is of vital importance for the electronic products we produce, the rapid recovery we expected did not occur. As Erden Lift, although we were not affected much by the measures we took at the beginning of the year, it seems that the coming years will be difficult for companies that produce electronics."

- We started the production of point photocell and elevator earthquake sensors
Noting that they have completed the R&D studies of point photocell and elevator earthquake sensor and added them to the production line, Eren said that they will start the production of elevator emergency lighting and encoder, for which they continue their R&D studies, and that they aim to launch them on the market in an affordable and high-quality manner.

"All of the products we offer to the market comply with 'CE' norms." Soner Erden said that they bring quality products to the users.

Soner Erden, General Manager of Erdenlift Asansör, stated that they have never focused on price and always prioritized quality, "The positive feedback we received as a result of prioritizing quality showed us that we are on the right track." said.

- We provide 2 years product, 10 years parts warranty
Soner Erden stated that their products are easily adjustable and that they provide a 2-year product and 10-year parts warranty, indicating both their self-confidence and their customer-oriented working principles.

"The circulation of products that do not have CE norms and EN 81-20 standards is an important problem for our industry and us. These products negatively affect both our industry, the assembler, and the end user. Our products are safety components and therefore we have no chance of making mistakes.

- We want to move forward with the dealership system in exports.
We want to proceed through the dealership system in export. We aim to work with companies that have existing offices in countries in target markets or to establish dealership networks with new structures. Russia, Ukraine, Iran are the countries we export the most. Currently, our exports to more than 20 countries continue intensively.

- Erdenlift has a self-developing and growing structure
Our company has a structure that develops and grows day by day. We analyze the requirements of the sector in advance and update our products and structure to satisfy these requirements. Feedback from users is very important to us. With more than 40 colleagues, our goal is 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Erden Lift has actualized everything that was said to be impossible in a short time. You must believe to succeed. We have always achieved by believing in what we do and working hard. We will continue to grow and develop in the same way.”