02 Ekim 2023,Erkan Lift:

Erkan Lift: "We try not to favour uniformity in our products and to follow the innovations brought to us by technology"

As a company, can you share with us your strategies and targets for export in the lift sector?

With 22 years of experience, the first of our strategies for export in the lift sector is market research and segmentation. We meticulously research and segment the markets we target for export. We create strategies based on market analyses to determine in which regions our products will be most in demand. In addition, it is our priority to develop and produce products that comply with the standards applicable in each market in terms of product compatibility and quality. We reassure customers by obtaining certificates of conformity. In foreign markets, we can play a more active role in local market conditions and regulations through local partnerships. We strive to gain marketing and brand awareness, we use various marketing strategies to increase brand awareness in target markets. We promote our products and services using channels such as exhibitions, conferences, digital marketing and local media. Our strategies form our goals, we want to achieve success on a global scale, being a recognised brand in different geographies is among our first goals. Our goals include taking part in market diversity, being known in the sector, creating awareness by using innovative technologies, prioritising sustainability, giving importance to the use of environmentally friendly materials and ensuring the satisfaction of customers, who are the main audience of all these goals. Within the framework of these strategies and targets, we continue to sell products successfully both nationally and internationally in the lift sector with our 22 years of experience.

Competition in the sector is quite intense. As a company, how do you evaluate the competition in the export market? Also, in this context, has your competition as a company been able to gain a place in the world beyond the borders of your country or do you have such a target?

Certainly, we are aware of the intensity of competition in the sector. The first thing we do when assessing competition in the export market is to conduct a competitive analysis, we regularly analyse our competitors' products, pricing, marketing strategies and customer feedback. This helps us to emphasise our own strengths and improve our weaknesses. We try not to favour uniformity in our products, we keep innovation as a current goal and try to keep up with the innovations brought to us by technology. Having a place in the market diversity, being recognised and known also gives us a global advantage. Apart from our local success, I am sure that gaining a place in the world is the goal of every company. We have also stepped into the international arena thanks to the quality products, customer-oriented service understanding and strategic collaborations we have developed over the years. In addition, as I said in the first question, we adopt an approach that ensures the satisfaction of our customers, who are at the centre of all these targets, not only locally but also globally. As a result, despite the intense competition in the sector, we have a successful presence in the international market thanks to the know-how and customer trust we have gained with our 22 years of experience. We continue to work towards our goal of becoming a globally recognised brand.


Which are the leading markets in Turkey's lift exports, what position do you have in these markets, to which countries and markets do you export? Which regions are your strongest in exports?

Turkey's leading export markets in the lift sector generally include regions such as the Middle East, Europe, North Africa and Asia. In fact, today, thanks to advanced technology, transport and information exchange, the sector comes to the forefront in every construction that continues to rise. This means more competition and more markets. There are these markets in every region of the world and this sector is exported. As a company, I can say that we are in a strong position especially in the Middle East and North Africa markets. By strengthening our customer relations in these regions over the years, we have a strong presence in these markets by offering solutions suitable for local requirements and our quality products at competitive prices. Determining the regions where we are strongest in exports may vary depending on the strategies, product portfolio and customer relations of the companies.

As a company, we try to focus on the most suitable markets by closely following customer feedback and market conditions. What are your strategies for entering new markets? How do you gain a competitive advantage by establishing co-operations or partnerships in exports?

Our market entry strategy starts with market research. We evaluate the markets where the products in our portfolio will stand out and differentiate from our competitors, we look at whether our products are suitable for local use, and in foreign markets, we look at our safety certificates and the adequacy of standards. Cooperation is at least as important as competition, local cooperation reveals the difference of our country in the foreign market, while foreign cooperation allows you to stand out locally. This is the logic we adopt, but in this case, cultural compatibility, proximity in terms of location, market entry costs and adaptation should also be taken into account, otherwise cooperation may cause losses.