At the 5th International Elevator, Escalator Industry and Technologies Fair at Eurasia Elevator Fair, which was held at the Istanbul Expo Center between 1-4 December 2021 with the support of CNR Holding organization, Turkish Elevator Industrialists' Federation (TASFED) and All Elevator Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (TASİAD), the Turkish elevator industry came together to showcase its new products and services after a long time. 

Eurasia Elevator Fair, which aims to contribute to the international trade of the Turkish elevator industry, hosted a significant number of industry professionals in 4 days with nearly 70 companies. The opening of the fair was attended by the Ministry of Industry and Technology Istanbul Provincial Director Abdurrahman Aydın, CNR Holding Chairman of the Board Ceyda Erem and representatives of industry associations. In addition to the domestic market buyers, the fair held at the Istanbul Expo Center was visited by industry professionals from the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, North Africa, and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Eurasia Elevator Fair, which has an international character, aimed to contribute to the achievement of the export goals of the participating companies with the cooperation opportunities it offers, as a platform where the elevator industry shows its competitiveness and brand power. The fair, which strengthens the cooperation between companies providing products and services in the elevator and escalator industry with the advantage of Turkey's being a production and supply base in the elevator field, presented the companies' technological products, new designs and services to domestic buyers as well as international buyers.

- Eurasia Lift Fair was held simultaneously with Export Gateway to Africa Fair
The Eurasia Elevator Fair was held simultaneously with the Export Gateway to Africa Fair, the first international trade platform for African countries. Public and private sector procurement committees from 54 African countries had the opportunity to visit the Eurasia Elevator Fair and hold bilateral business meetings with the participants.

Providing the sector buyers with the opportunity to see all products and services related to the elevator industry under the same roof, the fair hosted buyers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Algeria, Libya, and Ukraine as well as African buyers.

Another contribution to the participants of the Eurasia Elevator Fair was the BIA - Global Market Intelligence System, which is the biggest investment of CNR Holding in the Turkish exhibition sector. For the Turkish elevator industry, which focuses on R&D and innovation, the potential of the Turkish elevator industry was explained by holding one-to-one meetings with BIA, which has reached potential industry buyers all over the world, especially with buyers who have not entered the Turkish market before.

- Exhibited product groups
At the fair, products and services on machinery and engine systems, control systems, signaling and electronic systems, cabins, and carcasses, landing and cabin doors, rails and accessories, suspension ropes and balancing, decoration, sign and labeling, escalators and roads, package elevator, elevator contracting and consultancy, inspection bodies, notified bodies and complementary equipment were exhibited.

Visitors had the opportunity to examine new products at the fair.
Visitors at the Eurasia Elevator Fair also had the opportunity to examine the new products exhibited by the companies. The "Call My Lift-CML" application introduced by GENEMEK, the gearless motor for which Metroplast Asansör started mass production, the "Tubelift" and "Octalift" branded products of Devas Asansör and the Avirex Compact FX Elevator Control System produced by Emay Mühendislik were the products that attracted the attention of the visitors.

- Call My Lift
GENEMEK Call My Lift (CML) system provides the opportunity to call and follow the elevators with a smart phone. In addition, the system has features such as restricting the use of the elevator with the help of a password and putting the restricted elevator back into operation.

When the Call My Lift application, which is downloaded to the smartphone, is activated, you can also see the elevators with CML in the surrounding. 

The main idea of the project is to call the elevator and make it ready for use when entering and exiting the building, even when entering the building, or even when getting out of the car and heading towards the building, through the application created for smart phones, which have become an important part of life. Thanks to this technology, the owner of the elevator has the chance to allow the use of the elevator at the place and by the people he has determined. CML technology, which can be adapted to two separate elevators with a single module, is offered internally in the car button places and externally in other models, while it is compatible with CANBUS elevator control systems.

CML is integrated in MEGA7V displays and is also offered as a module. The system, which works with IOS and ANDROID mobile phones, is compatible with CANBUS elevator control systems and includes a password and user management system.

- Metroplast gearless motor
Another product that was followed with interest at the Eurasia Elevator Fair was the gearless motor, for which Metroplast started mass production. 

Metroplast mute motor, produced in two types, 240 and 320 body, has a capacity range from 320 kg to 2,400 kg. The engine is capable of being used in lifts with speeds of 1 m, 1.6 m, 2 m and 2.5 m/s.

Metroplast gearless motor, which has high torque, high power and minimum energy consumption, has a bodyless design and is supported by special casting pulleys and covers. 

Metroplast, which created a design with efficiency against overheating, designed its product to be used in 1:1 and 2:1 suspension system and to provide 45 percent energy savings. The gearless motor, which does not need oil, has been on the market for about 6 months and has been operating both in Turkey and in countries such as Russia and Iran.

- From Devas Elevator  "Tubelift", "Octalift"
Attracting attention with its products at the Eurasia Elevator Fair, Devas Asansör has a wide range of products such as the Homelift Villa Elevator, Open Type Disabled Platform, Closed Type Disabled Platform, Scissor Type Disabled Platform, Vehicle Platform, Freight Platform, Food Lift with 5 different brands and 12 different products, and the Ladder Type Swivel Horizontal Disabled Platform, which is produced by 5 companies in the world and only by Devas in Turkey. Introducing the tube lift, which has completely oval forms and provides a great advantage in terms of usage area efficiency for narrow spaces, with the 'Tubelift' brand as a new model at the Eurasia Lift Fair, Devas produces tailor-made. 'Tubelift' garnered great interest and appreciation from both domestic and international visitors. With its round appearance, 'Tubelift' with its outer diameter starting from 900 mm, offers a more spacious usage opportunity by preventing the interruption of light between floors with its acrylic coating, whether in the middle of the stairs or in the living areas. With its new generation disabled elevators, Devas brings a different perspective to the sector and offers chrome plating options in line with the wishes of its customers.

The smallest model of 'Octalift' home and handicapped elevators, produced by Devas to ensure accessibility even in the narrowest areas that prevent access, occupies 800x800 mm space. 'Octalift' has become an elevator that can be traveled by standing alone or sitting on its foldable seat and has won the appreciation of everyone visually. 'Octalift', which offers an open field of vision thanks to its transparent coatings, has started to be used in public, private and official institutions thanks to its use in homes, offices, and wheelchairs.

Avirex Compact FX Elevator Control System from Emay Mühendislik
Avirex Compact FX Elevator Control System, produced by Emay Mühendislik and offered to the industry, was also introduced at the Eurasia Elevator Fair. 
"Avirex Compact FX Elevator Control System" works silently with its contactor-free system design. Compliant with EN81-20, the system also complies with EN81-1 A3 if used for modernization. Avirex can drive a motor at 2.00 m/s. With the MITRON CLOUD SYSTEM, your phone uses its own mobile internet connection and your phone works as a control panel from the web interface, providing instant connection to its users over the internet. Most of the technical service operations are carried out by remote connection.

Internet connection is not optional, it is standard in every control unit. The system can operate in parallel or in series with cabin or floor buttons. It is a standard series, and a fixed parallel communication card is added to the system, 16 stops, single or double button collection works in both directions.

If pushbuttons with serial communication (GENEMEK, BUTKON) are used in the system, 32 stops of operation are offered. There is "Double Car Door Support" for double entry elevators. The system, which also offers 8 elevator group control operation, can work with synchronous or asynchronous motors.

Other features of the Avirex Compact FX Elevator Control System are as follows:
- Rescue can be done with 1 Phase UPS or 12V battery. Any number of batteries can be connected for long-term and repetitive power cuts.
- It works with an optimal travel curve with a direct stop. 
- There is no external encoder card. 
- Compatible with all encoder types (ENDAT, SINCOS, INCREMENTAL, BISS, REZA). Encoder cables are connected to the terminal aliases on the inverter.
- Functionality is maximized thanks to assignable terminal nicknames.
- It allows you to assign tasks to your elevator in specified modes (sleep mode, parking stop mode, active floor mode, passive floor mode) and within specified periods (date, day, hour, minute, etc.) from the task parameters. 
- Floor adjustment can be made from the cabin button and the cabin. 
- It can work with personal sound files in the internal voice announcement system. 
- There is an automatic adjustment facility to prevent roll-back at take-off.
- Thanks to its lightness and small size, it provides easy installation. 
- It has open and closed loop operation feature.

Wheelchair draw from Efelift Asansör
Efelift Asansör undersigned a meaningful event at the Eurasia Elevator Fair. Efelift Asansör, which delivered 9 wheelchairs special to the 9th anniversary of their establishment, to those in need, on the occasion of December 3, International Day of Persons with Disabilities, was appreciated with this event.