We talked about the Eurasia Elevator, Escalator Industry and Technologies Exhibition, 4th of which will be held in CNR EXPO YESILKOY between 20th-23rd March 2019, with Erdem Taylanlı, as the CEO of CNR Holding – İstanbul Fuarcılık A.Ş.

Erdem Taylanlı mentioned to have enlarged the target of 4th Eurasia Elevator, Escalator Industry and Technologies Exhibition in terms of the number of participants & visitors, and the area square meters.

“We hosted 32.922 professionals from the industry, in the 3rd International Eurasia Elevator Exhibition.”

This Elevator Exhibition, as one of the largest exhibitions in Eurasia, is organized in CNR EXPO YESILKOY with the support of Elevator Industry Federation (ASFED), The Entire Elevator Industry and Businessmen Foundation and KOSGEB, by İstanbul Fuarcılık, as affiliated to CNR Holding.

Expressing to have hosted 32.922 sector-professionals within the 3rd one in 2017, Erdem Taylanlı said: “The 3rd exhibition was held in an area of 25.000 square meters, by gathering the Turkish elevator industry under a single roof, having a budget size of 1 billion dollars.”

Expressing that “As the largest convention of Turkish elevator industry, Eurasia Elevator Exhibition, with a participant number around 3.000, has come to the forefront as a platform, where the domestic production has become.”, Taylanlı also said that the procurement committees had business connections settled with the attending firms from 30 countries, including Germany, Spain, Bulgaria,  Brazil, Mexico, Iran, Egypt, Qatar, Algeria, Morocco, Ukraine, Georgia, Pakistan.

- We enlarged the scale of our target after a successful exhibition

Erdem Taylanlı, as the Vice President of CNR Holding – İstanbul Fuarcılık A.Ş., stated that they enlarged the scale of the target for 2019 following a successful exhibition in Aurasia Elevator Exhibition in 2017, thus allocating an area of 30.000 square meters for the exhibition to be held. He also said: “Eurasia Elevator, Escalator Industry and Technologies Exhibition has enlarged its target in terms of attendants, visitors and area square meter, the 4th of which will be held in CNR-EXPO Yesilkoy between 20th-23rd March 2019”

We keep working hard for making the exhibition more successful and contributing more into the Turkish elevator industry, without slowing down. Our objective is to make Eurasia Elevator, Escalatory Industry and Technologies Exhibition the leading exhibition in Turkey. For this, we keep working to reinforce the infrastructure of the exhibition. One of them that we currently focus on is the “Call Center” we established.

Our Call Center team, working hard with the data department in R&D, carries out the data & communication works both for domestic area and overseas.

It can be clearly said that we now have an x-ray of the industry both for Turkey and the globe thanks to these studies & works. Detection of the buyers in the sector, potential participants, tendencies of the sector, and many similar subjects of similar significance are researched studiously and communicated to our exhibition.

Studies & works on country and region-based procurement committees, which are aimed at visiting our exhibition, are currently in progress. All of these studies can be recognized as the kitchen of Eurasia Elevator, Escalator Industry and Technologies Exhibition, which are almost completed. 

Now, we are speeding up the on-site works. We aim at holding the 4th exhibition in an area of 30.000 square meters in 2019, by strengthening our field team. I believe it will not be a challenge for us to achieve this, based on the supporting data we own.

Since the date the first Eurasia Elevator, Escalator Industry and Technologies Exhibition was held, it stands on its own with and proved itself with the support of Turkish elevator industry. I’m sure that we will carry this exhibition to the top not only in our country but also around the globe with the help of our industry.

Lastly, I would like to Express my gratitude to the entire shareholders in the sector, who never thought twice for supporting us and who have always believed in us, and especially to Asansör Vizyon Journal, who has always been with us since the first exhibition.”

What makes the “International Eurasia Exhibition” this appealing?

• An exhibition that has proven its efficiency in the international arena,

• It is held in CNR Expo Yesilkoy, as the global trade center of the elevator sector,

• “International” Eurasia Elevator exhibition, comes to the forefront as a platform for showing the competitive and brand power within the elevator industry,

• Eurasia Elevator exhibition provides full support for the attending companies to achieve their targets on exportation, thanks to the cooperative opportunities,

• With the trade volume it created, Eurasia Elevator Exhibition makes our country a production and procurement base by presenting global opportunities to the industry,

• Strategic partnership opportunities are provided for each and every participant,

• It strengthens the cooperation between companies supplying goods & services in the elevator and escalator industry,

• It ensures that prospective solution-suggestions are developed by revealing the industry’s potential.