02 Ekim 2023,First Lifts

First Lifts "We are very assertive in the production of rubber downhole bumpers and machine and cabin wedges"

As a company, can you share with us your strategies and targets for export in the lift sector?

First Lifts International Co, which started its export activities in Turkey in 2021, started its production activities by expanding its investments in 2022. First Lifts, which prioritises export activities, has increased its export volume every month within a period of 2 years with the contribution of its production activities. Our goal is to provide high satisfaction as well as providing quality products to our business partners in different countries.

We plan to participate in international lift fairs with the aim of developing our export activities. We participated in the Lift Expo Morocco fair held in Casablanca in May this year. We will also participate in the Lift City Expo fair to be held in Jeddah in September this year and the Lift Expo Algeria fair to be held in Algeria in April 2024.

As a company, what kind of expertise do you have in the production and export of elevators, what are your differences from other competitors and what are the unique advantages you offer to attract your customers?

First Lifts manufactures rubber raw material shaft bottom buffers and machine and cabin wedges for lifts. We continue our journey with our production responsible staff who have 20 years of experience in this field. We are very assertive in the production of rubber shaft bottom buffers and machine and cabin wedges. We currently produce 5 different types of lift shaft bottom buffers: FLIC 01 Spring Loaded Downhole Bumper (39 cm), FLIC 02 Spring Loaded Downhole Bumper (31 cm), FLIC 07 Downhole Bumper (15 cm), FLIC 08 Downhole Bumper (29 cm) and FLIC 09 Double Spring Loaded Downhole Bumper (31 cm).

Our FLIC 08 shaft bottom buffer model, which we launched at the 2023 Asansör Istanbul Fair, attracted great interest. The FLIC 08 model, which has a height of 29 cm and is produced with a one- piece mould design, does not know any other competitor in the international elevator market with its technical characteristics. Within 5 months after the launch, it has become available for supply by our business partners in different countries. We are proud of this success.

We pay utmost attention to the adjustment and calibration of the machines we use in our production lines, the properties and quality grades of the raw materials and the quality control process. In addition, we plan production processes in line with international standards and directives. All our rubber products have international test and quality certificates.

First Lifts started the production of lift control panels at the beginning of 2023 with its expert staff in the field. We produce lift control panels in accordance with the technical specifications of synchronous, asynchronous, double speed and single speed lift motors. In line with the demands of our business partners, we plan our production activities using inverters and control cards of national and international brands. In the past 7 months, we have been rapidly meeting the needs of our business partners in different countries for lift control panels.

What factors come to the fore in your customers' export preferences and what approach do you adopt to meet these demands? What strategy have you determined to establish long-term relationships with your international customers, what kind of competitive advantage do you gain by establishing cooperation and partnerships in exports?

Our business partners in different countries want to establish business relationships based on trust. First Lifts international marketing strategy does not depend on price policies. Our priority is to supply suitable and high quality products for the needs of our business partners. In addition, remote and on- site technical support services that we offer to our business partners are one of the most important satisfaction indicators. In this context, our sales specialists and technical team are in constant communication with our business partners. We not only solve their problems, but also listen to their demands and direct our R&D studies by receiving feedback about our products. The long-term commercial relations we have established with our business partners always keep us one step ahead in the international market. In 2023, we are aware that our planned visits to Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Oman will contribute significantly to our long-term commercial relations.

We endeavour to strengthen our long-term relationships with our business partners day by day. We continue our R&D activities in order to offer appropriate and high quality products for their needs. Contributing to our country's export volume at a higher rate will carry us to the ranking of leading exporters in the national and international market.