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The year of 2021, started as the year in which the economies that contracted due to the pandemic went through a rapid recovery phase with vaccination efforts and full opening, was completed as a challenging period, again with many aftershocks of the pandemic period. Production difficulties due to the disruption in the global supply chain, increase in commodity and freight prices, fluctuations in exchange rates, and finally the considerable rise in energy prices forced both the national economies and the industries to restructure.

While said difficult period forced the industries and manufacturers to be more flexible and more equipped, it also brought up the issues such as stock, logistics and cost calculations as the main agenda of the companies. The companies, which focused on exports more intensely than ever in 2021, scrutinized all the issues that shall ensure a competitive advantage in global markets.

As Turkish industrialists and manufacturers search for solutions to the problems experienced in global markets, Turkey's exports in 2021 increased by 32.9 percent compared to the previous year and reached 225.4 billion dollars. In addition, 18,887 companies exported for the first time in 2021, contributing $3.7 billion to the overall export turnover. The average export unit value, which was 1.10 in 2020, also increased and reached 1.29 in 2021 with an increase of 17 percent.
The Turkish elevator industry also completed 2021 successfully in terms of exports. The industry increased its exports of 249 million 987 thousand 980 dollars in 2020 by 17 percent and actualized an export of 300 million 876 thousand 411 dollars in the entire 2021. The Turkish elevator industry, which imported products worth 153 million 61 thousand 152 dollars in 2021, had a foreign trade surplus of 147 million 815 thousand 259 dollars. The total foreign trade of the industry was 453 million 937 thousand 563 dollars.

The Turkish elevator industry obtained 148 million 951 thousand 930 dollars from package elevator exports in 2021, and 151 million 884 thousand 481 dollars from component exports out of 300 million 876 thousand 411 dollars. The increase in component exports in 2021 attracted attention. The 2021 component export value of 151 million 884 thousand 481 dollars was 118 million 180 thousand 759 dollars in 2020.

The industry exported 44 million 751 thousand 247 kilograms of package elevators and 73 million 344 thousand 195 kilograms of components in 2021.