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Fupa Asansor Ins. Paz. Singing. ve Tic. Inc. has reached the final stage in the new factory and test tower investment, which started in 2018.

FUPA has reached the final stage in the new factory and test tower investment, which started in 2018. It continued unabated construction, modern office spaces, Turkey's longest test rig and will be one of the most important investment sectors with high capacity production facilities.

Located in Gebze / Dilovası Machinery Manufacturers Organized Industrial Zone, Fupa Elevator has a total production area of 15,000 square meters, new production facilities, a  test tower and head office. The facility is designed to have 10,000 square meters of production area and 5,000 square meters of offices.

The factory area of the construction, which is on a run without slowing down, has been completed and detailed works have been started. While the construction of the central building and test tower continues rapidly, Fupa Elevator aims to start full capacity production in its new production facilities in 2020.

High-tech production facilities

New Fupa facilities, which are still being built using advanced construction technologies, are full of features with all kinds of working comfort. Production facilities, thanks to the tower tests in the 90-meter-high 4.0 m / sec, speed up testing of the lift with high capacity enabling the reception of and undertake to make Turkey's highest test while the property sheet having the tower, while having its place among few plants in Europe that do this type of testing.

Combining the technology of new facilities together with qualified workforce, Fupa Elevator will achieve its goals of becoming a worldwide brand on a faster manner. Machine purchases were started by discussing with the leading machine manufacturers in their field for the production facilities where Industry 4.0 was applied with a high technology machine park based on automation, ERP and Production Tracking systems. The machines with PLC support and Industry 4.0 support will communicate directly with the ongoing automation and production tracking software, while a full traceability will be provided in the production site and efficiency will be kept at the highest level.

New production strategies, new products

In Fupa's new facilities, more competitive product concepts will be taken into production process for both domestic and international markets. Strengthened by the partnership announced in September 2019 with a press release, Fupa Elevator will decide which products will be produced in these facilities in line with its new partner “Fermator”.