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GEE was held at Fiera Milano (Rho) in Milan, Italy, from November 15 to 17.

With GEE - Global Elevator Exhibition, visitors had the opportunity to interact with numerous exhibiting companies and participate in a wide range of conference events, all held at MIBA, Milan International Building Association.

The Global Elevator Exhibition (GEE) took place in Fieramilano (Rho) from November 15 to 17, 2023 and attracted international companies and industry professionals. As an integral component of MIBA (Milan International Construction Alliance), the event was part of a strategic collaboration between interconnected sectors, offering a comprehensive, unified and broad spectrum of the construction industry. In total, MIBA welcomed 80,000 exhibitors from 111 countries; more than 1,350 companies participated and met 427 international buyers from 72 countries.

The event has become an important focal point in the industry and received widespread support from operators and elevator industry experts. Italy, which is one of the world's largest elevator exporter countries after China and has a significant influence in this field, has been in need of an international platform for a long time.

With 118 exhibitors from 13 different countries and 100 highly skilled buyers from 23 countries, including the United States, Argentina, Egypt, Australia and the United Arab Emirates, GEE emerged as an outstanding platform for advanced, inclusive and accessible technical presentations. It also shared innovative and sustainable design concepts with its visitors.

With 118 exhibitors from 13 different countries, including Turkey, China, France and Spain, the event provided a reference point for the industry with its rich conference programs and responded to the concrete demands of companies. From Turkey, Akış Asansör, Artı Kasnak, Asray, Blues of Istanbul, Çelikray, Fenac, Genemek and Mars Elevator were the companies that opened booths at GEE - Global Elevator Exhibition.

The various conferences organized by GEE confirmed its role not only as a business venue but also as a forum for discussions on the development and future outlook of the industry. These talks aimed to foster smarter vertical and horizontal mobility.

The extensive program of events and conferences at GEE supported the exhibition's presentations by offering insights into the sector on various themes. These included discussions on the digitalization of facilities for preventive maintenance and accelerated interventions, the move towards 4.0 buildings and smart cities, new safety and efficiency criteria, creative approaches for sustainable construction and the goal of a carbon neutral Europe by 2050. The privatization of facilities to create an accessible and inclusive urban environment was also highlighted through presentations.

Among a series of sessions, "GEE - MARKET TRENDS: The future of vertical transportation 2023-2033" addressed various developmental perspectives, underlining the importance of Italian exports and the value of industrial training. "With the exception of China, the Italian fair is one of the most respected in many foreign countries, especially when it comes to components and materials," said Angelo Fumagalli, President of ANIE Asso Ascensori. While the main focus remains on safety, transparency and innovation, the trend towards new perspectives and customized structures is also gaining momentum. José Maria Compagni Morales, Vice President of EFESME, said: "Globalization is giving way to nationalization in the elevator sector; there is a growing demand for service differentiation based on countries, with projects being tailored to specific needs".

"GEE - redesigning spaces and structures for accessibility and inclusion", a joint event with ANACAM, proposed a paradigm shift towards universal design aimed at the optimal and inclusive use of spaces. According to Alessandro Greco, Professor, Engineer, Ph.D., who teaches Technical Architecture in the Civil Engineering - Architecture Master's Degree Course of the University of Pavia, a new approach is imperative. He advocates understanding not only the geometry and morphology of the space, but also the needs of the individuals using the facility. Greco emphasizes the necessity of multidisciplinary and participatory planning, involving collaboration between various professionals and the active involvement of building occupants.

"GEE - Elevator Digitization: The Road to Innovation and Sustainability" session focused on the advocacy of eco-friendly practices to protect the environment. "Currently 36% of energy consumption is attributed to buildings; the urgency of the environmental issue requires the active involvement of the construction industry", said Luca Gianazza, Customer Solutions Engineer at KONE Italy and Iberica. Gianazza stressed that it is imperative to develop increasingly sustainable services, starting with eco-efficient solutions such as minimizing standby power use or integrating LED lights into elevator cabins. Moreover, the integration of digitalization into preventive maintenance contributes significantly to reducing energy consumption. "Effective and targeted interventions undoubtedly reduce the environmental impact, especially in terms of technician travel or material recovery. Identifying problems at an earlier stage simplifies everything," explained Alessandro Roversi from Schindler. "This can be possible through preventive maintenance, which includes continuous monitoring of the system's lifecycle and two-way communication during the testing phase, enabling remote connection between users and operators".

"GEE - Innovative Technologies 4.0 to Create More Inclusive, Safe, Digital and Sustainable Buildings" and "GEE - Global Perspectives on the Elevator Market: Future Challenges and Opportunities" explored the current and future landscape of the industry. These sessions focused on critical issues such as sustainability, safety, system modernization and soft skills, highlighting the industry's potential growth and expected obstacles. Raffaella Lione, Professor of Technical Architecture at the University of Messina, said: "The upcoming advances also require the creation of cabins that provide a combination of vertical and horizontal mobility. This progress requires innovative approaches to system maintenance and management, with a strong focus on enhanced collaboration and synergy between planners, researchers, architects and the elevator industry."

According to data compiled by ANACAM, the sector generated a turnover of €3.8 billion in Italy in 2022, directly employing just under 19,000 workers and spanning more than 1,900 companies with great diversity (from small artisans to large multinationals).


In this market environment, GEE is a representative trade fair event for its sector on an international scale, in a city like Milan, Italy's first Smart City and now also the "5G capital of Europe" with its modern exhibition center.

The GEE Global Elevator Show is part of MIBA, the Milan International Building Alliance, which brings together four events. These are GEE - Global Elevator Exhibition, Italy's leading international event for innovation, ME-MADE Exhibition for sustainable building and enclosure solutions, SMART BUILDING EXPO home and building automation and technological integration event, Italy's leading trade fair event and SICUREZZA, one of the first fairs in Europe dedicated to safety and fire. The common denominator of the global trade fair included solutions, materials and technologies proposed by the key sectors for the design, construction and redevelopment of buildings through energy efficiency and sustainability.