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Founded in 1999 by the joint venture of Devrim Gecegezer and Özgür Kal, GENEMEK, which has the title of the company with the largest production facility in Europe and the second largest in the world, broke new ground again by opening a branch in Konya in the past months.

Gen Elektromekanik San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. (GENEMEK), which provides services for many by-products such as floor-cab panels, pushbuttons, call buttons, LCD screen, sliding digital and 7-segment displays, controlled access systems, ready-made installation systems in the elevator sector, strengthened its sales, marketing and technical support network with its Konya branch.

We met with GENEMEK General Manager Devrim Gecegezer and talked about Konya branch and GENEMEK. Gecegezer noted that they strengthened their sales and marketing networks by supporting their business partners more closely with the branch they opened in Konya, which has become an important center of Turkey and the elevator industry. Stating that the Konya branch is not just a sign, Devrim Gecegezer said the following: "Our Konya branch provides active service. We strengthened both their and GENEMEK's sales and marketing activities by supporting our business partners more closely with our branch. We have designed our branch in a structure that offers technical support, where users can examine GENEMEK products on site, and where needed products can be supplied instantly.

Another feature of Konya is that it is a city frequently visited by foreign elevator buyers. For this reason, we have created a comfortable environment where both our own sales and marketing team and our business partners who use GENEMEK products in their international sales can host their guests comfortably and talk business."

- Our primary goal is ever-increasing exports. 
“We are working with a high motivation today, as we did yesterday, for our goal of increasing our exports as it has traditionally every year. Our company, which we laid the foundations of in a rented shop of 33 square meters, today exports 70 percent of its production to 55 countries," said Devrim Gecegezer, noting that they were able to provide quality service to their existing and new customers, even during the pandemic period, despite the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Devrim Gecegezer, General Manager of GENEMEK, continued his words as follows:

"The semiconductor crisis, which directly affected electronics manufacturers since the beginning of 2021, and the chip crisis it triggered, emerged as a compelling factor in the first months of the year, and this situation continues for now. Travel restrictions due to the pandemic and the cancellation of fairs were among the factors that made our export activities difficult. We produce quality products and we have built our promotion strategy on the experience of showing our products to buyer’s one-on-one. Our branches, which we opened in Konya and shall soon start operating in India, are also a part of this strategy. Industry professionals, with whom we meet through travels and fairs, have the opportunity to see and compare our quality. The raw material supply shortage and cost increase experienced in the entire production sector are, of course, compelling factors. But not being able to meet is the worst in our opinion.

As GENEMEK, we shall continue to increase our support to our domestic customers and to bring our products together with distinguished elevator manufacturers in international markets, no matter how difficult 2021 shall be in terms of production.

- As GENEMEK, we design innovative and qualified products
Our R&D team, including myself, continues to work uninterruptedly to design products with high technology value that shall contribute to the country's economy and development. As GENEMEK, we design innovative and qualified products. We shall present our new products to the taste of the sector at the Eurasia Elevator Fair.

-Support packages for assembly and maintenance companies
We combined our industrial infrastructure, new robot, and machine park with automation. We immediately shared these investments with our market, in which we reduced the costs especially in labor items. We have launched support packages for our assembly and maintenance colleagues, who are devastated in the shrinking market due to the pandemic. We continued to keep our after-sales service quality at the highest level and facilitated the replacement of defective products that cannot be repaired with the "scrap discount" option. The production of the new MEGA series cabin display modules, which we see in more and more elevator cabins, has stabilized. The three basic models of this series serve with three different looks and performances.

Regular orders that shall keep our production stable is our biggest goal. We program our sales goals in this direction. The new production lines we have reserved for the domestic market have come into operation, and we shall bring an ever-increasing momentum to our customers with our product supply at new sales points."