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General View of Turkish Elevator Industry

Although the Turkish elevator sector has the youngest industrialization and utilization rate in the world, it has been ranked in the top 5 in the world in terms of production and consumption and reached an important volume.


Turkish elevator sector, gained movement in Turkey after 1950 and scraped from an industry structure that fully meet the needs through imports, it has turned into an industry structure that gradually increases domestic production assembly and parts production in the area. Especially after 1990s, it continues to grow and develop in response to the increasing demand.


Although the turnover of the Turkish elevator industry is generally lower than other sectors, the function it performs is an important area of activity in terms of the country's industry, economy and employment, since a large mass of society chooses the elevator as the most common vertical transportation means.


Along with new technologies developing in the world, the Turkish elevator sector has entered into a great transformation process and has reached important market share in world trade. The Turkish elevator sector needs to be considered together with the direct urbanization and the construction sector that develops accordingly. In the forthcoming period, considering that the issues of urbanization process in Turkey will continue in parallel with the activities of the construction sector, continuation of the growth in the elevator industry is seen as inevitable. Moreover, Turkish investments in the Middle East, Balkans and African countries in recent times have affected the elevator industry positively.


In recent years, it has started to be seen that Turkish firms have been working in areas such as installation abroad, complex (package) elevator sales. In addition, there is a significant increase in the number of our firms which are engaged in elevator installation works in Turkic Republics, Central Asia and EU countries. Especially with the development of foreign trade with African countries, Turkish elevator firms have increased their investments in these countries. Countries that import elevator parts from Turkey are mainly EU countries, Middle East countries and Turkish Republics. Moreover, the fact that exports are being made from Far East to South America suggests that competitive power is noteworthy. However, it is observed that the imports of fixtures concentrate on far eastern products.


In addition, partnerships established with multinational companies have also increased the investments made in our country. Today, most of the companies in the Turkish elevator industry have access to the ability to export to many regions of the world. The Turkish elevator industry is becoming very important in the coming period because of the housing needs in the country and the potential to be created as well as the advantages of the country in terms of geographical location.


Looking at the export and import figures for the year 2016, the volume of foreign trade for the year 2016 was 421 million dollars in total. Taking into account the activity of the Turkish elevator sector, it has a turnover of around 500 million ($) in general, in installation, documentation services, periodic inspection services, parts production and maintenance services. With an individual harmonization to the European Union acquis, an important market area has been established in Europe for the elevator sector and in recent years the volume of foreign trade has continued to rise. In the elevator sector, the area that gives the strongest foreign trade surplus in foreign trade, is the production of accessories and parts for elevators for many years. Although this area has a serious position in balancing elevator imports and exports, it is seen that the position of has been lost when the foreign trade figures of 2016 are examined. Only $ 25 million in foreign trade deficit, given in this area, has been the most important indicator of this situation.