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As one of the world-wide known Turkish brands in Elevator Industry, the grand-opening of Genemek’s new plant in Istanbul – Sancaktepe was held in 25th April, Wednesday, with the movers and shakers of the sector.

Providing services on subsidiary products like floor and cabin panels, operational panels, call buttons, LCD displays, slidable digital and 7-segment indicators, controlled transmission systems, turn-key installment systems, Gen Elektromekanik San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. (GENEMEK), established in 1999, became the largest in Europe and second largest in the whole world with its new plant of 21.000 square meters, presented in the 16th year anniversary.

With an export capacity of 70% to 55 countries within the scope of its complete production, GENEMEK aims at meeting the increasing product demands and expanding the product range with this new plant.

GENEMEK’s new plant is established on a land of 13.000 square meters. Having a usage area of 21.000 square meters, this plant comprises of production site, management building, social facilities and parking areas.

There were over 500 national and foreign guests, which are actively doing business in the elevator industry, during the grand-opening of GENEMEK’s new plant. Before the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Devgim Gecegezer, as the CEO of GENEMEK, not only take the guests around the production facilities, but also made a detailed presentation for them. The leaders of the industry came together during the ribbon cutting ceremony, after the tour and presentation for foreign guests. 

Gecegezer told the story of GENEMEK

After displaying the introduction video for GENEMEK, Devrim Gecegezer made a speech for talking about the history of GENEMEK. Gecegezer shared GENEMEK’s 16 years of story, current position, milestones, existing product range, including the projected products with the guests.

Providing information on the new production facilities, Gecegezer mentioned that the facilities that are established on a land of 13.000 square meters comprise of a production site, management building, social facilities and parking areas, which equals to a usable area of 21.000 square meters. Calling the production facilities as “rare”, Gecegezer also said “In our rare facilities on 21.000 square meters for production was projected in a manner accessible with three different ramps, as well as having a capacity to perform production of any kind of light industry products from garment to electronics.”

Gecegezer: “70% of our production capacity exported to 55 countries”

Devrim Gecegezer, as the CEO of GENEMEK, stated that 70% of the company’s capacity is exported to 55 countries. Gecegezer also mentioned the production success of AVOX, which is a milestone for not only for GENEMEK but also to other button producers in 2011, following the operation panel for CMC control system in 2007, the first over-door series RM4050 and Race series in 2008, and QUAD series in 2009.

- The quantity of game-changing AVOX series with 9.9 mm production: 1.800.000

Gecegezer mentioned that the produced quantity of game-changing AVOX series (9.9 mm), stepping up on the traditional production methods, reached to 1.800.000. Providing the guests with information on the PETRA Elevator indicator family, of which designing process started in 2017, Gecegezer described PETRA as a multimedia entertainment system with a processor power beyond a simple indicator modüle with Linux operating system, easy internet access, ability to talk, communicating with the service center with its acceleration sensor, having the capacity to display live video or information via internet.