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Green production: Onaylift Asansör

Onaylift Asansör, starting from the question of "What can I do for the global environment and the future?", created and implemented the "Green Factory" project in order to reduce the environmental burden of all business processes and to use resources effectively. Mehmet İmamoğlu, General Manager of Onaylift Asansör, which carries out studies in accordance with the green production criteria in its new facility of 20,000 square meters in Konya 5th Organized Industrial Zone, stated that they undertake the following issues in order to fulfill their responsibilities towards society and nature with the slogan "Green factory and green environment";
•  To prevent environmental pollution,
• Reducing pollution at its source,
• To carry out its environmental activities in accordance with national legislation and internationally accepted management system standards,
• To continuously monitor the environmental rules of its customers and to operate in accordance with these rules,
• To raise environmental awareness of all employees through training,
• To contribute to the development of suppliers on environmental issues,
and 'Environmental Management System' as one of the three main headings of the corporate social responsibility system.

Onaylift Asansör General Manager Mehmet İmamoğlu gave the following information about their work: "We provide training to our employees to create environmental awareness in order to put our Environmental Management System into operation. We create the necessary procedures and instructions to keep these determined dimensions under control by determining the environmental dimensions and environmental effects in the factory. As Onaylift, we organize Green Factory workshops within the scope of the 'Green Factory' project and take the suggestions of our employees, and thus we aim to spread this issue as a company culture.

We owe our energy to nature
We act in line with our understanding of a sustainable future and continue to take our power from nature. As Onaylift Asansör, we are proud to produce our own electricity as of 2023. We aim to produce a total of 911.52 MWh of electricity in 2023 and protect nature, which is our future. Our goal is to save 12,283 trees and avoid 597,755 kg of CO2 carbon dioxide emissions."

Onaylift Asansör, one of the innovative companies of the elevator sector, aims to meet all its energy needs with the Solar Powered System (spp), which was commissioned in January in its factory in Konya. Onaylift General Manager Mehmet İmamoğlu, who made a statement on the subject, mentioned the importance of the environmental mission, which is a part of the corporate culture, and said, "As Onaylift, we aim for zero carbon emissions at every step from production to logistics, from the sale of our products to the end of the life cycle. For this purpose, we will provide our need from nature with electricity with our SPP project that we have implemented in order to benefit from sustainable energy resources in our factory." said.

Onaylift Asansör, which is appreciated with its environmentalist approach, produces all the energy of its‘ green factory ‘with the Solar Powered System (SPP) project it has implemented in its factory in order to make the energy input in production costs controllable and to benefit from renewable energy sources. Mehmet İmamoğlu, General Manager of Onaylift Asansör, which will save a lot of energy costs, gave the following information about the SPP project they commissioned while underlining the importance they attach to the environment: "We see this project as an indication of Onaylift's environmental mission, which is an important part of its corporate culture, and its commitment to renewable energy sources. We are a brand that acts with the motto of ‘Human value starts from the environment'. We aimed to make our costs more controllable while implementing the environmental mission of Onaylift by implementing a SPP project.

As Onaylift, we aim for zero carbon emissions at every step from production to logistics, from the sale of our products to the end of their useful life. For this reason, the SPP project was very important for us. With our SPP project, which has an investment cost of 3 million dollars, we aim to meet the majority of the energy needs of our factory by producing 5,760 kWp of power. The environmental factor will always be a priority in our future investments.”