09 Mayıs 2023,HEDEFSAN introduced its new product,

HEDEFSAN introduced its new product, "HD Max" integrated elevator unit

HEDEFSAN introduced its new product, integrated elevator unit HD Max, to its visitors at Asansör Istanbul Fair.

General Manager Tayyip Baran, from whom we received information about HD Max and HEDEFSAN, stated that HEDEFSAN, which has many national and international quality certificates such as CE, EU and TSE, pursues the aim of compliance with international quality standards and continuous development in all its production activities, and said, "HEDEFSAN conducts separate tests and analyzes of the parts of each product it manufactures in its laboratories through authorized national and international organizations. HEDEFSAN, which sets the quality standards in elevator control cards, elevator door control cards, drivers, and emergency rescue systems that we produce and frequently mentions its name in the sector, inspires the world elevator market with its technologies that will shape the future. The focus of our product development investments is on maximizing human safety and ease of use. Practical technology with maximum safety is the basic production philosophy that has brought HEDEFSAN to where it is today.

HEDEFSAN, which closely follows the technology and makes continuous improvements for the needs of the sector, has recently introduced its integrated elevator unit HD Max to the service of the sector. The integrated elevator unit HD Max, which was unveiled at the Asansör Istanbul Fair, received full marks from our visitors. 

Our new product is designed to allow instant remote monitoring and access with the integrated elevator unit HD Max wireless connection. We have a handheld terminal with an easy and functional interface. HD Max, which can be offered to the user with a special product with the mode option, aims at maximum sensitivity with its direct stance and specially developed comfortable navigation algorithm. The HD Max integrated elevator unit, whose control and supervision system are kept at a high level with the CAN BUS communication protocol used, is designed for contactor-free use with the STO feature. HD Max is compatible with both series and parallel installations, it can work in up to 8 groups and stops."