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HEDEFSAN organized a training program in Morocco

HEDEFSAN, one of the leading companies in the sector with its elevator technologies, carried out a training program for its business partners and suppliers in Morocco between 19-23 September 2022 with its R&D, technical support, and foreign trade team.  HEDEFSAN General Manager Tayyip Baran, from whom we received information about the subject, said, "Our company, which is taking firm steps towards becoming a world brand, is always in an effort to keep satisfaction at the maximum level by being with them in after-sales processes in order to provide a better service experience to business partners and users. Our aim is to understand the needs of our business partners and users and to offer innovative solutions through technological innovations.

Together with its R&D and technical support team, HEDEFSAN attaches importance to providing remote and on-site solution support after sales to its working partners at home and abroad; Together with the R&D, technical support, and foreign trade team, he carried out a visit program to business partners and suppliers in Morocco between 19-23 September 2022. 75 industry professionals representing 25 different companies participated in the training program organized under the leadership of Azur Ascenseur, our largest business partner in Morocco. In this program, information about the software updates, ease of use, and parameter settings of our products were shared. 

As HEDEFSAN, we always care about the opinions of our business partners and suppliers. We make great efforts to design and develop our products in accordance with the needs by evaluating the requests and suggestions we receive from the participants with our R&D and technical support team.

During our visit to Morocco, we have made numerous visits to solve the problems of our suppliers in different cities on-site and to share technical information. These on-site solution activities and visits have reinforced the trust our business partners have in us. Providing support before and after sales is the most important business ethic adopted by HEDEFSAN. This philosophy we have adopted always keeps us one step ahead in international competition.

In order to respond to the current needs of our business partners and suppliers in the national and international market, we continue our innovation activities with our R&D, technical support, and sales team without interruption, taking into account their requests and suggestions, and we see this as the key to the rise."